Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Natural Healer

That was a breezy evening, which gave me an insight about life. I was at lone, walking along the shores of a not so crowded beach. It was a day of misfortune and a period of hardships. I was fretting and fuming to let out my discontent to a close heart, but was left alone. Though almost all beaches of Chennai have been polluted, this one was pretty tolerable. I was not in a smiley mode to play with the sand and waves; I sat over a sand dune staring at the waves. It was like a new friend of mine trying to bring back my happiness.
It was a splendid dusk, covering the environment with a sheet of ripe orange. The scorching sun has now become soothing, and the coastline was ready to lend its shoulders for me. I saw the sun bidding goodbye for the day after its tiring long hours of work, kids playing around with their friends after their school, a few with their parents, a few couples enjoying each others company on the chilled coastline.
As any other loner, I started to stare at the mighty waves. It was building up at the mid of the sea, gaining momentum as a rolling stone to hit the shore. Even rolling stones would increase its volume, these waves dissolved at half their way. We look at the waves; think (scientifically) they are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. But these creations of God, will teach us many more than our visible teachers, they act as an ideal instance to motivate us. They don’t stop as they are not able to reach the shore with a few attempts. They get back, imbibe the strength and nutrition from its parent, the sea and get back with a fighting spirit to reach its target. Similarly, as it darkens, this soothing angel will appear to be a monster, getting away from the visibility, merging with the darkness around, flashing as white foam when she hits against the shore.
I saw a crab along the waves being brought to the shore, who knows where it dwells, being dislocated by an external force. It walks fast against the waves and buries itself into the sand to escape the next wave. It moves along the waves to and fro yet does not give up on its work. Similarly, we will never know where the crab will dig out and clutch our finger. These are only a few visible lessons available for us to recharge ourselves keeping the mundane worries at bay. In the beginning I was not ready to trust this violent angel as my friend, but she got in touch with me within a short while and she gave me a cheerful company to get over my gloom. Wanna enjoy these beautiful moments?!, step on to her, when you fell left out, depressed or confused. She is sure to heal your wound and return the merriment to face life with a new zing.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do we have that 6th sense?

An imaginary plot of conversation between a tree and dog.
It was a sunny afternoon and a dog was resting under a shady tree. The dog was about to enter a sound sleep, then fallen a twig from the tree. This woke up the dog, and it barked twice at the tree, and then came back to rest again. The tree started questioning and dog gave its answers….. And here it goes…..
Tree: Hey dog, how are you?
Dog: Am good. Came here to rest under your shade but you have woken me up.
Tree: Hey have you hurt one of your legs?
Dog: Ya lost when a man ran over with his vehicle.
Tree: These human are really hardhearted, they are so selfish.
Dog: God has given them the so called sixth sense, but according to me, they don behave as if they have the extra sense.
Tree: How do you say that?
Dog: I can give you many instances. Let us see about your relationship with them. You give them shade, food, medicines, bring rain, but they in spite of knowing all the advantages of your being, they destroy forests, cultivable land, take all the fruits from you and destroy you. They are suffering for all their actions now.
Tree: What you are saying is right... Any other examples?
Dog: People consider themselves as brainy as they have discovered many advanced equipments for living, but they don’t how to how to be harmless towards others. They have hurt my leg not even knowing what is on their way. They fight among themselves calling it as competition that turns as vengeance.
Tree: You are very much in your way even though you have lost one of your legs.
Dog: This is the advantage god has gifted us, with just 5 senses.
Tree: How is it an advantage?
Dog: We being with just 5 senses don’t know to cry over the lost leg, though it may be due to pain. We don’t feel low on ourselves and get dejected. But if a human loses his leg, they repent a lot over it than to think what can be done with the other leg. I don’t use any stick to help me walk. But they use and they themselves show they are crippled. Even you, you don’t cry if one of your branches is cut. Though you may cry it might not be visible. At the same time, you don’t take revenge by folding your branches and refuse to give shade to those men.
Tree: Absolutely… now am proud of myself for benefiting my environment. You don’t take revenge on me for dropping my twig on you. You don’t hurt me in any way. We live for our own, without affecting each other’s lives. Hey… wait…!! #@ how are we able to think this way?? Have we gained our sixth sense too??
Dog: Hey buddy... don worry, the writer makes us speak for a change.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The selfless nature

Nature is the mother of all, a creation of the almighty or a pseudo form of the one above all. This universe is believed to be so many billion years old. Since its birth it has been designed to befit and benefit the creatures around it. The continents were one a solid mass of land and the tectonic movements have delivered it a unique shape for each one. It was not wild on the creator for bringing up these catastrophes, nor grateful for making her much beautiful. It has been giving light, rain, shade, food, shelter since the immemorial.

In the mid of March, as u walk along any shady pedestrian, you will be able to breathe the onset of spring with the streets blanketed with the red and yellow flowers of gulmohar, trumpet, jasmine. Tress blushing with their tender and fresh green leaves to welcome and inject the happiness into your thoughts. The nature blesses each of us with these showers which will bring a thoughtful smile at the edge of our lips, with a feeling of WOW!! in us. We have been gifted with such an everlasting gift to enjoy. Are we contented with it?

No… we relish it, keep digging all its worth, take undue advantage of its generosity and render nothing in return. We are being ungrateful to our mother. Everything has a limit, similarly her patience too. He has started demanding her returns in the name of lives. We have heard of many land slides, volcanic eruption from a dead one, undue weather changes. You might question, how can a mother become so cruel to her children? It is not the loss of her patience; it is the loss of her resistance towards the hazardous effects we have made by our living. She was protecting this earth with her cozy blanket all these years to protect us from harmful rays, but if that has been holed by us, how can she protect us? Is this the way to repay? She is not a nerd or a scientist to remake the blanket but she has been very much creative in making this beautiful paradise.  She does not expect us to be smart enough to repay her; she wants us to have the basic knowledge to save our souls. Though we are here being those brilliant scientists all we could do is to impair her.

Though the energy saving ideas, go green policies have not hit their hundred marks, it has received a huge response from the present generation and has proved to be an eye-opener for the next generation. Avoidance of plastic should be made a practice at schools. Children should be taught to live without plastics in the day-to-day life. That electronic appliance which won’t harm the ozone layer only has to manufactured and marketed. Government should fund for the industries to work without emitting CFC’s. This will be a good aid to support and promote ozone harmless industries. The next huge cry is being heard for the loss of conventional energy which also is a reason for harming ozone. Let us first take up the first step of saving energy in which ever form may be; not only today for the urge, but practice it everyday.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The abode of PATIENCE:

We have seen millions of people speaking about women empowerment. This is not one among them; it is the way how a woman handles people, emotions, complexity around her and balances life.
The conventional thought about Indian women is that they are downtrodden in comparison with the so called developed countries. But all the women have come across similar problems in life. They have also confronted innumerable suffering which can be quoted under male chauvinism. This orientation has overturned in many foreign countries, but has its malodorousness is still showing its impact on this society. Most of the customs followed these days mimic the ancient practices which do not apply to the current situation. Though male child is wanted by all, female is the one being most pampered and it is for the love and affection she spreads all around this world. God must have mused in depth before he created a woman.
In our country, the old customs and practices have been considered as the backbone of or culture, which is to be agreed entirely. But as the poet Mahakavi Bharathi sowed his rebellious thoughts into the women at that early stage, we have attained so much of freedom from tortures in the name of customs. As Shakespeare said, “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players” I think women play different roles that poses various challenges through their life. Being a kid, matures as a teenager to face the world, marrying a stranger and building a good relation with him and his family, she must have screeched for an injection but she prepares herself to bear 56 dels of pain more than a normal man can bear to deliver a child. Getting her favorites by jus a wink to her dad, now becomes a Himalayan task. Hesitation to ask her better half, a trouble that her new relations should not misapprehend her words and actions. She must have enjoyed the luxury to that of a princess, the next stage of her life will expect her to be the real form of patience and fortitude. Should eat the left over without wasting them, take care of the house mates before taking care of herself, should eat only after serving food to everyone, should sacrifice her freedom individuality, her dreams for the sake of her family and her kids. Why do people expect all these from her? She is capable of balancing her dreams and goals on one hand with family on the other side. All that she needs is the love and affection from her family.
But though getting away from parents might bring pain for the time, it l help her to overcome a bigger separation at a later stage. Facing new challenges will absolutely make women the strongest, but first the setting out will be difficult. Every girl has to come across these stages to manage anything that disturbs her off springs. Anyways still there are many things that can be changed, mainly with the support of the generation to the upcoming next. Keep going women. You will make the world go around with your love and patience.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

சில நேரங்களில் சில மனிதர்கள்

This might ping you to be a title of a famous movie. Yup! Its true. A movie from a great cine sculpture K.Balachandar. I never used to like his movies as most of it would deal with controversial section of a man’s life. Though it might be controversial, that is the ultimate truth that has been a part of everyone’s life. Now am not going to deal with any kind of controversy but about people at different times. People have different shades and that’s why there are so many different people. But people don’t stay the same as they were. People find a set of actions to be comfortable, that becomes a part of them and is being called a mannerism. But the same changes if one comes across a different set of actions from their loved ones.
We are very much green during our school days, unaware of the real world, thinking that all are good. But once when we step out of school, we see many more people, many more new things that fascinates us to be so, to imitate them, etc. We spend most of our times with our friends, enjoy, freak out and have fun. But when a spark comes between two hearts, it must be carefully doused into water or else it would blow out as a huge fire and might burn the relationship. There is no relation without these sparks, as these teaches people how to handle it to mould the relationship. There would have been many instances when we would have carefully dealt with it escaping the hurt. We relish in the relation and there comes a point of time when we have to part with our own ways. We leave with a hand shake promising to sustain the relation with the same intensity all through. It might seem possible in the beginning but which is practically the mist difficult one.
Once we part we find a new way for us, new environment, and new set of people, new principles and ideologies gained from our surroundings. We find the change in our mentality, the way we see each and every creation and situation in this world. We are parted from our dear ones through distance and time lag. We lose in touch with our close friends, and can’t demand the same importance as before coz each of us have got our own set of new life, new priorities, new relations to maintain, new promises to keep up. It may seem to you that a blaming all for these changes. It is not possible, if I have to, whom should I blame? You? or Me? or this World? This is life…. We have seen the change within ourselves, have been molded by wounds given by time and medicated by time itself. We have to keep ourselves on the go, but never hesitate to look back and cherish the beautiful past which has helped you to be the one today.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The longest ECLIPSE of the century:

Occurrence: The eclipse has different perspective with respect to science and mythology. Eclipses are scientifically interesting because they allow a rare glimpse of the cooler corona, glowing gases near the sun’s surface and solar flares, which are normally not visible due to the brightness of the sun. To state it in simple way, the full moon gets between the earth and sun. If this is the sole reason, you might expect solar eclipse to happen once a month. But unfortunately it is not so as the moon’s orbit is tilted 50 tilted to the earth’s orbit. So this geometry lines up twice a year to make the solar eclipse.

Dated June 22’09: This particular eclipse which occurred on 22nd of June ‘09 is considered to be the longest one which lasted for 6 minutes and 39 seconds. India is one among the few places to witness the eclipse in totality. One of the best views of the complete eclipse appeared to be in the town of Varanasi, on the banks of Ganges River, sacred to devout Hindus. Thousands had been there to take the holy dip as ablution of their sins. Students, Scientists had gathered at Tregna, an Indian village as it was predicted to have the clearest view of eclipse. But the thick clouds and overnight rains ad played the spoilsport to breakdown the enthusiasts. Other places in India to witness the eclipse were Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal. Chennai witnessed partial eclipse of 62%.
The longest stretch of eclipse was witnessed over the Pacific which lasted for 6 minutes and 39 seconds. This wont overreach till 2132 as this has been recorded as the longest one since 1991

This is the most beautiful part of an eclipse, the formation of a diamond ring. The second one is the total eclipse witnessed.

Eclipse the Myth:

1.Hindu Mythology: India subscribed to the idea that a monster ate the sun during an eclipse and the beast even had his own name and identity. The story of Rahu, who had a tail like a comet and a head like a dragon, appears in many of the ancient Hindu scriptures. Rahu became jealous when he discovered the gods drinking the nectar of eternal life. So he went about disguising himself and began to drink it as well.

But the sun and moon saw him and summoned the god Vishnu, who quickly cut off the creature's head. The body crashed to earth, creating mountains and islands, but Rahu's head survived and rose to the sky. In an eternal quest for revenge, he ate the sun and moon, causing an eclipse.

2.American mythology: For native Americans was the theme of sibling rivalry. There was the turbulent relationship between the sun goddess, Malina, and her moon brother, Annigan. One night the two adolescents were romping around in the dark when he suddenly became sexually aroused and raped his sister. In her anger she fled to the sky where he lustfully chased after her. When he finally managed to catch up with her there was a dramatic eclipse.
These two mythologies are the contradictory ones, others like, Chinese and Babylonians has the same storyline of Indian mythology.
People follow their own ways to overcome the bad effects as they believe. In that way, In India people may immerse themselves in water up to their necks; believing this act of worship will help the Sun and Moon defend themselves against the dragon. In Japan, the custom is to cover wells during an eclipse to prevent poison from dropping into them from the darkened sky. And as recently as the last century, the Chinese Imperial Navy fired its ceremonial guns during an eclipse to scare off the invisible dragon.
Though it is commendable response from people to throw away the superstitions and witness the eclipse of the century, there are a few people who still go with those believes. A few are here:

1. Don’t drink water or consume food as it would impair the digestive system.

Science: There is no evidence to support this.

2. Pregnant women should not be exposed to the eclipse and should be confined in a dark room as the rays would create some birth marks and might cause some ill-effects on the baby.

Science: As per the study conducted no visible effects were recorded.

3. Everyone should have head bath to ward off evil spirits.

Science: It is only an article of faith and followed as a conduct of cleanliness.

4. Snakes and insects invade the house during the eclipse.

Science: Studies are still underway.
This being a reason for people to shun away from the sun, there are a few others who make it into their business. Jet line airways in India had arranged for a charter flight to witness the eclipse. Many people had geared up to watch it close by and felt a great sense of satisfaction of their life time.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


You might wonder at this statement. This has become a part of everyday life. People have become gallant warriors who can’t be paralleled by any of the emperors of the past. Still perplexed???

It is about the reckless driving of almost every citizen here. I was on my way back home after a tiresome shopping at T Nagar. I was a passenger of a share-auto who was only money minded and a racer in fact.  People are preoccupied while driving, thinking about their targets to be achieved at workplace. They show their force, and speediness while driving. People always start at the neck of the moment, forgetting their head wear most of the times.

I think they must be a victim of selective memory loss. They must have learnt about the traffic rules and would have obeyed it to the fullest to acquire the license. But how come they ignore the red lights at the signal to speed away. I wonder what would be the need for such an urgency risking their lives and others at the road??  The most atrocious behavior was noticed by me during the travel. At the four way junction, the red light had just glowed leaving way for the others from the left to cross. A few vehicles passed the line even after the red’s glow. In order to stop them the police man interfered with a red light in his hand. Still only the right most vehicles stopped for the policeman’s order. My auto driver sped the previous vehicles by the left side. Two things are to be noted here: first is the disobedience of the police’s order and second: a vehicle is not allowed to overtake by left side. Overtaking from behind by right hand side is only allowed in our country as vehicles are right driven. The most pathetic situation was that of the officer’s. He was helpless as he was disobeyed and he would be the one responsible for any mishap at the specific junction. Why is this urge for a rash and foolhardy drive?

These racing drives are to be practiced on well laid and smooth maintained roads, to develop such capability and not in 40ft roads congested with parking and pedestrians walking on the roads due to the lack of a pedestal.  People are acting too smart to cross the divider by jumping across it, physically, with cycles and bikes, felling lazy to come around a certain distance.  The roads are being dug by various departments like EB, PWD, to carry on their work. They finish their work and wind up without correcting the pits made by them and just patching them with cheapest elements that dissolve with a very short rain.

As it is said usually, “the safety while travelling is not in our hands but also the by passers”. At this situation it won’t work out. People should be quick enough to overcome any harm that may occur at the time of travelling. As most of the pedestrians are not senior citizens, they can cope up with the promptness and alacrity to survive. But it is really miserable for the senior citizens who suffer because of these reckless drivers. People think it is thrill to break the rule. But not in this case. Even though the road is empty, people should obey the signals at the junction and fell proud about their act. The traffic in metropolitans is ever increasing due to the incoming population who come here for survival. Even though government lays as many fly over’s to control and regulate the traffic, mere self discipline of obeying the traffic rules alone can help out this situation. Please obey the traffic rules and advise your dear ones. Let us live this life to the fullest and need not fight against death just to travel from one place to another. “JAI HIND”.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terrorism end at the neighborhood:

The 26 year old war has come to an end with the killing of LTTE chief, Velupillai Prabakaran. His death is still under the suspect of shot dead or suicide. The Lankan government declared the end of war, releasing the videos of the chief’s corpse. On one side this has provided a great sigh of relief for the natives and they also celebrated their victory over terrorism by enjoying with their fellow citizens at the streets. But on the other side there arises an unanswered question about the rise of the tigers again. This organization has been in existence for the past 26 years and has got tremendous amount of supporters all over the world. This support was the sole reason for their development to fight against a nation’s army. The consistent flow of funds and movements in support has been in the being al over the world. A live example is the political party in Tamil Nadu which is in support of the Lankan Tamil.  The rise of communal attack here on the hearing of the LTTE chief’s death is yet another example.

Though the path opted by the chief, Prabakaran was wrong, his motive was to gain equal rights for Tamils in the foreign land. He has used his skills to build up an entire defense set up required for an independent nation. He had built all three fundamental forces of defense namely army, air force and navy. He had been an able administrator for having built up a small nation for himself within another country. He lost many opportunities to get back his peaceful living by violating the peace talks a several times. The final peace talk attempted by Norwegians’ was also dismissed. This led to the final assault by the Lankan army.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Election affairs are getting hotter and hotter everyday. The leaders are busy quetching about their opposition parties. The parties waiting to conquer the nation’s wealth for their own and creating negative situations for their welfare are the common ones here, pulling down each others legs in order to win the favourism from the people.  This time, Indian election has gained international significance, as countries like china, US are eager to know the state of affairs today. One of the main reasons for this significance is the inter-national issues which will find their way from the forthcoming government.

A note worthy of those is the Lankan issue which has been burning through 26 years. When did this civil war begin???

It was in 1983, this civil war started fuming out for the creation of independent state. Who are they? Why are they fighting for an independent state? Even before the British’s rule, few tamilians migrated to Sri Lanka for employment. They were employed in rubber plantations. After the independence (1948) from the English, the government makes Sinhala as the language of the state and the tamilians felt marginalized. They demanded for a state in north and east of the island. The LTTE initially carried out campaign against the state attacking policemen and Tamil politicians who attempted a dialogue with the government.  Though peace talks between LTTE and government began, it soon failed. India’s involvement began just to project itself as regional power and also due to the worries about the India’s own Tamils. India became more actively involved in 1980, dropping food parcels while Lankan government was on the verge of defeating the LTTE in support to the rebels. Soon peace talks were held between the Indian-Sri Lankan government and many concessions were made including the official status for Tamil language. Though many groups like TULF, Tamil United Liberation Front accepted, LTTE refused to accept it. Later India’s indulgence in the civil war met severe opposition. So India withdrew from Lankan issue. According to me, this Indian involvement is to project our power and we have no rights to enter into other country’s internal affairs. If we poke into this issue, what about the Indians staying in Singapore, Malaysia and other neighboring countries? But the peace talks mediated by Indian government to deliver a peaceful life for tamilians in srilanka is worth an applaud. Organizations like LTTE, TULF started as an organization to fight for equality of Indians there, but LTTE’s urge to gain equality turned out to a negative motive of conquering the sate for them. They gathered children of the civilians to make up their army. This led to a bad impression about the srilankan Tamils. In reality, the civilians demanded peaceful state as per the negotiations of srilankan government, but LTTE project themselves as a representative of Tamils. Even now when the government has cornered them within 2kms, they use the civilians to protect themselves. That is why the civilians come to India as refugees for a peace filled life. The common people who are not involved have the sufferers all these 26 years.

At this juncture promising for a compromise by LTTE is just like finding a loop hole. Enough of blood shed, hue and cry, young generation being sent to fight in warfare at the age of playing with toys, innocents being caught between the government and the rebels losing their lives, peace for no fault of theirs.

At present, the attack of army at this final stage has led to escape of 77,000 Tamil civilians from the areas held by Tamil tigers. As per the words of Lankan army men, “We are not targeting the civilians. The rebels are causing civilian causalities”-this show that the civilians are used as the Tamil tiger rebel’s protective shield. The peace talks and envoys sent by other countries were disregarded by rebels, violating the negotiations a thousand times.

We can make up rallies, human chain, etc., as a mark of protest against the civilian killing in srilanka. But even today the peace can be brought back in that land by only two possibilities. First is the surrender of the rebels or second, execution of the rebels by army. The Lankan government should take necessary actions to stop the killing of civilians, in the name of attacking the rebels. They must be given equal rights on par with the citizens of srilanka. 

Friday, April 17, 2009


 Change is the only permanence in this universe. It can also be explained as the first step of evolution.  Change is responsible for the development of the next generation. Whenever we refer to the Next-G, i.e.., the next generation, it should be a civilized and progressed one from the current one. As we all know, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”, applies very well to the next-g if growth proceeds in this exorbitant downtrend.
Though there are many fields to consider, the major affected ones are the health and the culture. Culture, is the value of the society. This has deteriorated to a great extent since the invasion of white men. Aping the west will improve our standard of living on par with developed countries, no doubt in it. But the loosening of our roots from our culture will destroy the mother civilization. India is called as the land of sanctity, with reference to the epics and puranas which went on during the time immemorial. Aping the western culture has become the mode of day-to-day life. Change in the attire could be accepted to a certain extent as our business environment demands the culture of the west. But the adolescence getting carried away by these traditions of aliens lets the loosening of our roots. The reason for the influence is the media which portrays the other culture as the way of life. Children think beyond their age group, knowledge of certain things which should not be known to them at their age leads to the urge to explore it. The dressing kind in these days, exposure to cosmetics at a very young age which is an impact of media is not a good sign. The proper guidance from their parents will help them know the right and wrong. The lack of time spent by the parents with their wards makes them look for a companion beyond their home. Here the media plays a role in inculcating the practices beyond their age and necessity. For example, falling into infatuation or getting addicted to ill habits such as smoke and drinks proves this. Infatuation is mistaken as love at the age when they are unaware about themselves and also life. Smoke and drinks are used by the English to accustom with their temperature conditions. This deterioration is getting worse at the schooling age. As heard from my teacher, the excessive exposure to media spoils their habits, behavior at school and also their respect for elders. This difference was found by her within a short span of three years. This will show the role and impact created by the media in day-to-day life.
In order to instill the values of tradition and culture, children can be made to study the epics and understand the moral of living, even from various scriptures on how to lead a disciplined way of life. This can be done by their parents, by spending their time with their children, teaching them the values from their young age. Some parents may justify by saying they are earning for their child’s betterment. But only their presence will lead to the real betterment of the child. Living as an example will help children learn these values better than teaching theoretically. Media should be used as a source to improve our knowledge in the right direction.
The other field of deterioration is health. These days, children rarely get time to play as we played or as our parents did. Though they play, playing in the soil will give them immunity to survive the micro-organisms from the environment, which has almost become nil. The food habits which are again due to the aping of the west, we suffer various kinds of illness. An increase in the amount of fat intake and the lack of physical activity is the major reason for the well known illness of the day-Obesity. Proper environment for a safe and peaceful life is also getting extinct due to pollution and an enormous increase in population. Through population exploitation cannot be reverted, a proper management of the resources to avoid pollution and to save it for future will help us build a better life-style. The awareness on physical fitness must be taught to children by indulging them in yoga, which has its roots in or country will help for their betterment both physically and mentally. Even healthier life can be attained by sticking our culture. To build a better future we have to prepare ourselves to teach them, here are a few online help for it.
As told by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, “The child of today is the citizen of tomorrow”. So we shall join together to know the values of our culture and take an oath to build a better future.
A few sites to enlighten about our culture and traditional values:
  • This site explains about good parenting values.

  • This site gives us the values of Indian culture and various traditions followed in various religions.

  • This one is about the art forms, traditions and invaluable monuments of our country

Monday, March 30, 2009

An Equitable Present

“She who takes care of you irrespective of your need. She will stand by you through your success and failures, your righteousness and mistakes.”

Every child places its first step on their mother’s womb, wonder how? The period they kick and start their moving inside. This gives an ecstatic feel for every mom. Generations are getting better and wiser as years move along, which was stated by Charles Darwin as “The survival of the fittest”. It may be behavior, appearance, brilliance, there is ascent as the years move on. People may become a billionaire, business magnet, athlete, top official of MNC at the culmination of life, but every man or a woman are going through the same phase of life. Women to specify have a greater responsibility than men in bringing up a child. As the proverb goes, “You educate a boy, you educate a person, whereas you educate a girl, you educate a family”.
Women can speak about liberty and freaky kind of attitude they would like to enjoy during their teenage. But a certain amount of restriction is an absolute must as a pinch of salt for cooking. A few girls can object this saying they can enjoy life to fullest and change later when situation demands. But “Ainthil valayaathathu aimbathil valayaathu” In a girls life a mother plays the most important role as she will know her stages having experienced the same. She cuddles the child everyday since the day break till the end of it, helping her to get ready to school, teaching her how to behave in class, inculcating good manners and habits, helping through the course of study, engaging the child such as playing, instilling culture and values.
On taking a beautiful journey of a girl’s life, she is being treated as a princess of the house and being pampered till she becomes a school going kid. As she attains her puberty, she is being restricted slowly from her previous enjoyments like playing with her group which might constitute a greater number of the other sex. These kinds of restrictions would bother her and throw her into a world of perplexity. The girl is reared under a conservative environment instilling our traditional and cultural values. Once the girl comes out of her adolescence, she realizes the values of precepts taught by her mother especially. Though a child may call herself a pet to her dad, she is much more out-spoken to her mom. The beautiful period of a human is when they realize and admire the beauty of Mother and Motherhood. This may be at any phase of life, but this realization will transform the person into a complete and matured one. The early realization will help to serve the creator and understand her better. This would be the period for repentance and self- realization.
The realization will take you through the memory lane to show the way She cared for you while you were sick, encouraged you to overcome the suffering at bad times, chided you for mistakes and you would have hurt her gravely with impinging words without a even botheration to apologize. The times She would have boasted with pride about you to the kiths and kins for a trivial benevolence. You will be the ever beautiful and charming person in the world for Her. She might have complained about your behavior to neighbors, but will never let you down even if you are a sinner. You might have pestered her for a snack in spite of her illness; she would complete the snack within minutes to see the smile in you. Though you might put up a long face after a tiff, she would come back and cuddle you with an innocent smile at her face.
She will be the happiest if we obey her words which by default, would be for our betterment. She will be the happiest to see you smile for ever. She will adore you though you may no longer be a kid, forgive your faults invariably. She is our MOTHER- an angel sent by God to enlighten every human to salvation. There goes a proverb, “When you start accepting that your parents are right, you will have a child who thinks you are wrong”. 

Monday, March 23, 2009


I was a GRE aspirant in my college days wanting to start a new phase of my life at a new destination. I was encouraged to study well, aim for it and reach it. It all started very well. I was eagerly waiting for my admit. I got admits from two universities out of five I had applied for. I was very happy, stepping on to my dream chair, thinking about the steps I had to take to adapt myself at a new place. But the came financial problem as a great stumbling block. This is no surprise for any MS aspirant. But my gender played a role to hold me back to my roots. I being the only child for retired parents, from a middle class conservative family, moving abroad was a matter of fear, anxiety, and a Himalayan task. Being immature I tried to convince my parents to apply a loan, a huge amount as a necessity. As I was neither a topper nor an achiever I could not het a waiver or financial aid. Parents will always want their kids to be safe and stay happy without undergoing heavy distress in life. That too me being the only child and the large separation of four years during my under graduation turned out to be a cause for the check they laid for my graduation in a foreign land. I was not tenacious to extract my needs by hurting my creators. Their age and financial instability was pressurizing them to search for my groom. I was made to abandon my dreams in order to satisfy my parents at least by my presence.
This was the position which asked me so many questions like, y dint I maintain an excellent academic record? Y was I born a girl? Y did I burden my parents with such a financial constraint?

I managed to come out of this disappointment and look for job. Though I was offered a job through campus placements, the financial down trend had hit the IT firms badly especially the one which I got placed. I hunted for a job to come out this boredom and took up one as a tele-marketing executive. It dint pay me well, yet I enjoyed the work place. My nurturers were not happy with my job. I too found the situation to be an under-employment for myself. So I came out trying for other options.

Enjoyed with my parents by visiting my relatives place, attending family functions, etc... But my friends were being called join from their respective firm. This created agony in my mind and I started another business of my own of making fashion jewelry. I started getting orders from my colony inmates. I felt excited about it and enjoyed my work. But this too dint work out for long as I had to find new customers for the business to go on. This was also seemed to be a low-grade job for my parents.

I am still in search of the right place for me that would satisfy my parents, to help me repay my loan. Is it all possible? Or is my life going to change upside down by entering a family side? God alone Knows. When is it all going to happen?  Where is my fighting spirit? Why am I so submissive by just accepting the stuffs happening to me? Is it because of the over-protection? But I think I have been vested with a good amount of inner strength to undergo these troublesome situations. Thank you god for having me sustains these hardships. But as everyone would say, there must e something better in store for me. The happiness I attain through this is the empty state of mind after pouring out my agony in this form and to stay smiling forever. Why am I like this?

 Am yet to discover my true self!!


Monday, February 23, 2009

A peaceful holiday spot!!

Here is my experience about my visit to a beautiful town

It is NEYVELI. It is almost made by NLC namely Neyveli lignite corporation. Everyone must be aware of it as, this supplies a major share of power to our state. I dint nurture any preconceived notion about the town, though I had made my living there when I was in my first and second standard. My uncle welcomed me to enjoy riding his TVS excel. I was awaiting the same as it has been 4 years since I rode a vehicle. I reached my relatives place late in the evening, so couldn’t go round that day.

The next day my uncle took me a ride and was with me to take ride by myself. It was the road towards the township. Marvelous sight, scintillating breeze awakening every cell of my soul. Road was elegant bordered by eucalyptus trees. Behind those trees were the cashew trees. A must mention, this town exports a major percentage of cashew both within and outside the country. I wont say it was lush of green, it can be described as temperate region with respect to geography we studied at school. The scent of eucalyptus rose as I was driving. That evening we had planned to visit Chidhambaram NATRAJAR temple which would take an hours time from this town.

My parents said this temple is where I we used to spend our evenings atleast twice a week while we were at chidhambaram. This would have been the substantial reason for my affinity towards the deity lord Natraja(Shiva). The temple is definitely a master-piece. You will be astounded on the first sight of loty gopurams in the four cardinal directions.

This temple is a must visit for artists and performers of our classical art form Bharathnatyam. The gateways are etched with 108 poses of Bharathnatyam as enunciated in Natya Sastra. An interesting fact about this temple, according to scientific proof, the place where Lord Natraja has his right foot is the centre of this universe. The deity is in one of the dance postures called “Ananda Tandavam”.

To the right of Shiva, is the revered Chidambara rahasyam - or a representation of emptiness garlanded with golden vilva leaves. The curtain in front of the Chidambara Rahasyam, representing Shiva (and Parvati) in the formless form (Aroopam) is lifted ceremoniously during worship services, with offerings of lamps. A legend, comemorating the dance between Shiva and Kali is associated with Chidhambaram. Shiva is said to have lifted his right foot towards the sky in the “Urdhuva Tandava” posture, a definite male gesture, which Kaali could not reciprocate, thereby causing Shiva to emerge victorious, assigning Kaali to the status of a primary deity in another temple in the outskirts of Chidambaram. “Sai raksha” is the one offered to the Lord at Sandhya kaalam(6 pm). The pooja with various kinds of abhishekam and Aaradhana were mind blowing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first Blog !!

This has been a long wait. Here are my thoughts and experiences to share. Though I have been under a perception that writing a blog needs enormous amount of writing experience, here I start to gain experience. Am VARSHINI completed my UG in a college amidst forest, which ultimately turned out to be a paradise during my final year and which deserves extraordinary salutation for making a person of today J

Terminal semester at college: one of the few to regret

It was the final semester at our paradise. Classes were almost suspended or left free with mere attendance. As every second in the clock ticked, the minds of every final year student sulkily wanted their 4 memorable years back. It was hard to digest the fact that we have completed four years of under-graduation. This was the only thought flickering in our minds. Most of the final semester was lent for our projects. Only one third of us were at the college doing our project. Though we were enjoying ourselves in our ravishing JVC, the whole edifice seemed empty. It wasn’t vanity in reality. It was because of the absence of our dear batch mates who were away for their projects, the stairs seemed deserted, and the anteroom looked desolated.  The department regained its ebullience once in a month. Wondering how!!!  It was the review that was scheduled for three days, first two assigned for projects done outside and final day was for us.

Although we missed the gang enjoyment and celebration, it was me and Swapna who relished in the beauty of Mother Nature who showcased her beauteous forms through her breezy environment with birds chirping to wish a beautiful morning as would stride to the laboratory to record the first readings for the day. Every day would pass as we shuttle between the class and lab noting down the readings. It was fun learning through mistakes, but we learnt only after committing it more then twice. J Our most investigative project mate is Tamil who should have been into research by now for her dedication to elicit a solution and adept knowledge of the subject. “As the saying goes man proposes, God disposes” she is now working in an It concern. And to say about Swap, she is my best enemy and my worst friend. She had her terrible time in the final year being my neighbor. Waking me up every morning, updating news about class works, assignments, lending them with bounteous generosity for me to copy.  She was my companion in class, lab, hostel, almost all the time. She had to stand my so called naughtiness of scaring her every time I sneak into her room wordlessly, hitting hard on her under the name of patting, pinching her in the course of conversation. We used to bask at the beautiful sight of sunset through the branches of blossomed gulmohar tree graced by the yellow flowers.

         Another normal day began with me and Swap rushing to the class as only 10 minutes was left for the class to terminate. Class was occupied with other hostilities and day scholars. The first class of almost all the days was just for the sake of attendance. We cracked jokes about the staff commenting on his language. We had only 4 hours of lecture per day, the other hours for our project. We enjoyed with our friends in the class discussing about horror stories, teasing each other, pairing up with our class mates and other stuffs. We used to capture the beauty of sastra during the incubation period of the experiment. This was our full time job at the festivities of sastra, namely the tech and cultural festival.

It was on that day there arose an argument regarding the procedure to be done and the segregation of work among ourselves. It was a trivial incident which kept on building as we dint speak out our thoughts at the spur of the moment. This led to arguments of other cadre pointing out the earlier incident. This became a barrier amongst us because of which we lost too many joyous moments that could have been engraved in our hearts. And I still repent for being so in those days, yet thank my friends for giving me support through out the period and help me in this transformation.

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