Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terrorism end at the neighborhood:

The 26 year old war has come to an end with the killing of LTTE chief, Velupillai Prabakaran. His death is still under the suspect of shot dead or suicide. The Lankan government declared the end of war, releasing the videos of the chief’s corpse. On one side this has provided a great sigh of relief for the natives and they also celebrated their victory over terrorism by enjoying with their fellow citizens at the streets. But on the other side there arises an unanswered question about the rise of the tigers again. This organization has been in existence for the past 26 years and has got tremendous amount of supporters all over the world. This support was the sole reason for their development to fight against a nation’s army. The consistent flow of funds and movements in support has been in the being al over the world. A live example is the political party in Tamil Nadu which is in support of the Lankan Tamil.  The rise of communal attack here on the hearing of the LTTE chief’s death is yet another example.

Though the path opted by the chief, Prabakaran was wrong, his motive was to gain equal rights for Tamils in the foreign land. He has used his skills to build up an entire defense set up required for an independent nation. He had built all three fundamental forces of defense namely army, air force and navy. He had been an able administrator for having built up a small nation for himself within another country. He lost many opportunities to get back his peaceful living by violating the peace talks a several times. The final peace talk attempted by Norwegians’ was also dismissed. This led to the final assault by the Lankan army.

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Sai said...

Varshini, onakkum, LTTE kum ethathu connection eruku pola eruke :-) LTTE pathi Evlo vishayam therinchu vechundu eruka :-P ??

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