Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stages of my love life :)

As we hear love, it rings a bell letting the butterfly flutter from our hearts to the person we love. This might not be the person of opposite sex or an alluring teenage. We have been cherished by love and been growing with it. Every person comes through love in many ways. Here are my stages of love which has made me today.

First love is “AMMA” who is our source to this earthly paradise. She bears us since we were a tiny spec of life to till date. Once a baby forms in the womb, a women’s life is all directed to the new coming ones. She eats for us, prays for us, and brings us out risking her own life. She teaches us every single new thing in this world. Me being the only child, she forgave her career for my sake. She stood by my side cherishing me, supporting me, making me happy in every way she could. She still stands as my source of inspiration and example to be a better person.

Second comes “APPA”. Introduced by mother, he is an abode of sacrifice. He has been responsible of a big family after my grandfather’s demise, he started to work, save and give for the family first seconding him. After I came into his life, I became his first priority. He has never denied any of my wishes those were right for me. He would celebrate even my very little success to an Oscar. He has been my good friend. There were days when he would come back from work and I would be jumping to the doorstep to see him and narrate the entire happenings of the day no sooner did he enter the house. We used to go for long walks during weekends exploring unknown routes in neighborhood. Chiding me for my mistakes first and explaining me my fault was the best. He would enlighten me the right way so that I would not go to the wrong way. He is my great support for my strength and endurance.
Schooling is a beautiful period of ignorance being bliss. So many friends around that would make the school an exciting place in spite of knuckle breaking home works. Though I have come across many friends in school, there is one very good friend of mine called Swarna. We studied together for 4 years, third to sixth grade and then I had to move out of town. She had been in touch with me every now and then till date, sharing our lives together in the warmth of love and friendship.
Here comes college, a stage when we could feel the shackles break open letting us to taste the flavor of freedom. Starting from crushes, infatuation, chat friend, the list goes on with many people entering and exiting their ways. Amidst all these I found my set of friends whom I used to hang out with in class, after hours and at the hostel. Many friendships start building but only a few last after years. I have to mention my roommate whom I have had bitter fights many times. Yet we had the maturity to stand for each other during each other’s tough times and lasting till date. Other friends are from two sets that have made my beautiful college days memorable for lifetime. Life goes on after college, people get busy with their own priorities, but the love we shared in college keeps the relationship lingering in my memories though we might not be able to stay in touch as before.

Finally is my current stage where I have taken the role of a wife. Marriage was an exciting period, especially the courtship period waiting the d-day and trying to push the days by spending almost the entire day through the phone. Sharing becomes interesting and exhilarating when it is with the person we love. Getting to know each other, celebrating love in every little aspect, cherishing and appreciating each other has been the being since one year. Beginning at enjoying the little non-sense talks or PJs, making it at the last moment and celebrating it as a success in a race, calling our parents to show our home, new exciting things, creating a memorabilia for special occasions, till the good nights and cuddling before sleep are the every moment I cherish in this period of love. Love is in the air all the time in between the hurry burry, small tiffs and boredom. This relationship of love has given me the maturity to understand the other relationship better.

Love makes the world go round. Love has taught me the importance of relationship. It might seem like a hyperbole, but just love can fetch us happiness. Wondering how? Even if we come across a disaster, right support from our loved ones, trust and encouragement can help us recover and spring back to the next step. In this busy life, where people don’t even have time to greet each other, space 
out some time for love. You will feel the significance of life and lucky to be alive.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Rambo in Everyone:

Body type is exclusive for every individual. Just like women concentrate in their body shape for figure, the same plays a crucial role for appeal in men. Every guy of these days wants to flaunt with six-packs or the body of Rambo. It might not be easy to work out for Rambo shape unless you know where to concentrate. This can be easy if we know the right approach. Here is an overview of male body types and tips to make the best out of their construct. There are three general body types. The horizontal measure is to be concentrated for dressing.
The body types are:

They have larger bones, larger thighs and rounded face giving them stocky appearance. They have high body fat than other body types.

They are said to have athletic build with broad shoulders and narrow waist. They can gain and lose weight easily than endomorphs.

They are thin, linear with narrow hip and shoulders. They have the lowest body fat of all body types. They find it hard to gain weight.

Depending on body shape men can be:

This is the most desired body shape with broad shoulders and medium-narrow waist.
It is very easy to dress up as you have variety of options.

Inverted Triangle:
You have broad shoulders and narrow waist. The upper body is larger than lower body. A well fitted t-shirt or jacket with straight leg trousers and jean would solve the purpose.

You have a straight torso and your shoulder, hip, waist are almost of same width. The aim is to create a trapezoid illusion by choosing dress to enhance shoulders.

You have tapering shoulders and wide waist. Jackets with padded shoulders can help to create a squared illusion.

It is also called apple shape with larger stomach. The aim is to choose dress for appearance of longer and slimmer torso.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sleep Facts:

Sleep is an anabolic state of body which helps to rejuvenate and store energy for the next day. Though it is a state of physical rest, it cannot be considered as mental rest as the activities continue but at a suspended rate. Here are some facts about sleep.

-       Nine hours of sleep is sufficient for a human. Oversleeping (more than ten hours/day) may lead to Parkinson’s disorder at an older age.
-       Women need up to an hour of extra sleep and not getting it make them susceptible to depression.
-       Approximately one-third of our life is spent sleeping. Its quality and length will affect our performance, mood.
-       Not sleeping on a healthy mattress may deter your full potential.  
-       A tiny luminous ray from digital alarm clock is enough to disrupt our sleep cycle by causing the levels of melatonin (sleep inducing chemical) to fall within minutes.
-       Sleep solves our problem by strengthening memory. It extracts information from within the day, and the brain categorizes the information of the day.
-      Naps improve memory and can cut heart disease.
           -  If you lose two hours of sleep, you can impair your performance equal to a .05 blood-                      alcohol level.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Am no fat, it's my body-shape!!

Fashion has undergone a great transformation and has brought huge awareness among the youth of today. As it was believed to ape famous personalities previously, it no more holds good. Every individual is unique in their own way, be it personality, perspectives, inner strength or body type. Body type is not the way one is thin or obese. It is the skeletal structure that determines the body type. It’s time to know our body type and present ourselves confidently than before. Here are the body types for Women:
The main objective is to create an illusion of hour glass figure. So enhance your waist by adding dark colored belt. For tops, choose with cuts, necklines and embellishments to add volume to the bust. Bottoms should be of full skirt that will hold tight to waist with large band and add volume to bottom.

Here the objective is to emphasize the top portion and deemphasize the bottom. So bright colored tops with dark colored bottoms should be good. Tops with wide neckline will emphasize shoulders. Pants that have a straight cut will suit you best.

The top portion should be emphasized and tummy should be deemphasized. So dresses that are brighter on top and darker at waistline would suite the best. A top that emphasize bust and has a division of waist will look good. Boot cut jean will be the best choice.

This is the most dreamed figure by every woman. The objective is simple and it is to enhance your asset, waist. Similar colored top and bottom with dark belt will enhance waist. You should balance top and bottom, so if you select a top with embellishment find a bottom that will add volume to it. If it is a fitted full sleeve, select a fitted pant.

Top hourglass:
The motive is to enhance your waistline and add volume to the bottom. Find a top with full sleeve and match it with a long skirt that will add volume to the bottom. Boot-cut or wideleg pant will help to balance.

Inverted Triangle:
The dress should deemphasize the shoulder & bust and enhance your waist line. Dresses with v-neckline will help in deemphasizing shoulders. Wide-leg and cargo pants will be the most flattering.

The objective is to create an illusion of waist as the mid region is your drawback. Dark colored dresses with dark belt will do well. Tops the have a wide neckline will add an illusion of volume. This will help to emphasize waistline with cargo pants or boot-cut jeans.

You have a narrow shoulders and waistline. The tummy region should be deemphasized. Here we should add volume to upper and lower part of body. Wide neckline tops and full skirt with dark band will create an illusion of small tummy.

Eager to calculate your body type??? Visit

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Manmadhan Ambu- Review

Many movies release to make a unique stand point, But Padmashree Kamal Haasan’s creation stands out on its own.

Direction: K.S.RaviKumar
Story & Screenplay: Dr. Kamal Haasan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Dr. Kamal Haasan – Major R. Mannar
Trisha Krishnan – Ambujakshi
R.Madhavan – Madhan Gopal
Sangeetha – Deepa
Urvasi – Mallika

Rating: 4/5

This is yet another signature piece of Kamal- Ravi Kumar combo following Panchathanthiram, Thenali, Dasavatharam. Apart from comedy it has a strong story line with various emotions and sentiments. Kamal puts on his favorite avatar as a commando depicting his love and patriotism to his country. With no Pompous entry of characters, the screenplay is unique. Madhavan has proved his talent again being away from chocolate boy role. He plays a role of a lover who doubts his fiancé because of her profession. Trisha who plays his fiancé has no major role in this movie, but must say she has done justice to her role being calm and subtle.

Sangeetha plays Trisha’s best friend and she fits exactly for her role, who has honed her skills with her experience. Urvasi and Ramesh are the creamy who make their mark even with limited appearance. Kamal has been the one who tried to brings new rays of vision to Tamil cinema and here is cruise stands as the highlight. Music by DSP makes our feet tap at certain instances but it is not extra-ordinary. Who’s the hero song by Andrea is a noteworthy number. Though the climax resembles Kamal’s previous venture Sathi Leelavathi, this is an exceptional story from Ulaganayagan. Kudos to him!! He rocks!!

A family entertainer and a feel good movie with variety of emotions injected into the script.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our first Step together!!

Strangers were we sometime back
Tracing life on our own path;
Then we met in the name of matrimony
Beginning to search our future hand in hand.

There were times we yearned to see each other
Separated by long distance
Now we are in each other’s arms
Enjoying the marital bliss

I knew I was leaving my roots
To start a new chapter of life
But you replaced the most
Precious people in my life

You are my mother when you care
And my father when you recognize
You cherish me amidst your busyness
And understand my weakness

Today we have crossed a year
Giving us more of you and me
Knowing better and wanting each other
Overcoming our differences

I owe you these verses
As my love for you
To stand by your side
To reach our life’s pinnacle.

This is a tribute to my loving husband!

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