Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our first Step together!!

Strangers were we sometime back
Tracing life on our own path;
Then we met in the name of matrimony
Beginning to search our future hand in hand.

There were times we yearned to see each other
Separated by long distance
Now we are in each other’s arms
Enjoying the marital bliss

I knew I was leaving my roots
To start a new chapter of life
But you replaced the most
Precious people in my life

You are my mother when you care
And my father when you recognize
You cherish me amidst your busyness
And understand my weakness

Today we have crossed a year
Giving us more of you and me
Knowing better and wanting each other
Overcoming our differences

I owe you these verses
As my love for you
To stand by your side
To reach our life’s pinnacle.

This is a tribute to my loving husband!


Arpana said...

lovely-have a blissful life!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your meaningful blog post.

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Varshu said...

@Aparna: Thank you for the wishes.

Zach said...

Lovely verses. Stalking you from now on :)

Varshu said...

Thank you Zach!!

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