Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Rambo in Everyone:

Body type is exclusive for every individual. Just like women concentrate in their body shape for figure, the same plays a crucial role for appeal in men. Every guy of these days wants to flaunt with six-packs or the body of Rambo. It might not be easy to work out for Rambo shape unless you know where to concentrate. This can be easy if we know the right approach. Here is an overview of male body types and tips to make the best out of their construct. There are three general body types. The horizontal measure is to be concentrated for dressing.
The body types are:

They have larger bones, larger thighs and rounded face giving them stocky appearance. They have high body fat than other body types.

They are said to have athletic build with broad shoulders and narrow waist. They can gain and lose weight easily than endomorphs.

They are thin, linear with narrow hip and shoulders. They have the lowest body fat of all body types. They find it hard to gain weight.

Depending on body shape men can be:

This is the most desired body shape with broad shoulders and medium-narrow waist.
It is very easy to dress up as you have variety of options.

Inverted Triangle:
You have broad shoulders and narrow waist. The upper body is larger than lower body. A well fitted t-shirt or jacket with straight leg trousers and jean would solve the purpose.

You have a straight torso and your shoulder, hip, waist are almost of same width. The aim is to create a trapezoid illusion by choosing dress to enhance shoulders.

You have tapering shoulders and wide waist. Jackets with padded shoulders can help to create a squared illusion.

It is also called apple shape with larger stomach. The aim is to choose dress for appearance of longer and slimmer torso.



raji said...

NICE PIECE OF INFORMATION.I will figure out my husband' sbody shape and modify his dressing style likely.

Varshu said...

Thanks Raji!! Good luck :)

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