Saturday, February 5, 2011

Am no fat, it's my body-shape!!

Fashion has undergone a great transformation and has brought huge awareness among the youth of today. As it was believed to ape famous personalities previously, it no more holds good. Every individual is unique in their own way, be it personality, perspectives, inner strength or body type. Body type is not the way one is thin or obese. It is the skeletal structure that determines the body type. It’s time to know our body type and present ourselves confidently than before. Here are the body types for Women:
The main objective is to create an illusion of hour glass figure. So enhance your waist by adding dark colored belt. For tops, choose with cuts, necklines and embellishments to add volume to the bust. Bottoms should be of full skirt that will hold tight to waist with large band and add volume to bottom.

Here the objective is to emphasize the top portion and deemphasize the bottom. So bright colored tops with dark colored bottoms should be good. Tops with wide neckline will emphasize shoulders. Pants that have a straight cut will suit you best.

The top portion should be emphasized and tummy should be deemphasized. So dresses that are brighter on top and darker at waistline would suite the best. A top that emphasize bust and has a division of waist will look good. Boot cut jean will be the best choice.

This is the most dreamed figure by every woman. The objective is simple and it is to enhance your asset, waist. Similar colored top and bottom with dark belt will enhance waist. You should balance top and bottom, so if you select a top with embellishment find a bottom that will add volume to it. If it is a fitted full sleeve, select a fitted pant.

Top hourglass:
The motive is to enhance your waistline and add volume to the bottom. Find a top with full sleeve and match it with a long skirt that will add volume to the bottom. Boot-cut or wideleg pant will help to balance.

Inverted Triangle:
The dress should deemphasize the shoulder & bust and enhance your waist line. Dresses with v-neckline will help in deemphasizing shoulders. Wide-leg and cargo pants will be the most flattering.

The objective is to create an illusion of waist as the mid region is your drawback. Dark colored dresses with dark belt will do well. Tops the have a wide neckline will add an illusion of volume. This will help to emphasize waistline with cargo pants or boot-cut jeans.

You have a narrow shoulders and waistline. The tummy region should be deemphasized. Here we should add volume to upper and lower part of body. Wide neckline tops and full skirt with dark band will create an illusion of small tummy.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting fact.
- chikuk (

restless said...

Wow Varshu! really liked the post!

Very good tips given to enhance the desired feature of the body. R u into fashion or something?


Varshu said...

@anonymous: Thank you.

@restless: Thank you. No, am not into fashion. Its one of the subjects that interests me.

Geeta Singh said...

i liked your post ...very nicely described:D :)

Varshu said...

Thank You Geetha :)

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