Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sleep Facts:

Sleep is an anabolic state of body which helps to rejuvenate and store energy for the next day. Though it is a state of physical rest, it cannot be considered as mental rest as the activities continue but at a suspended rate. Here are some facts about sleep.

-       Nine hours of sleep is sufficient for a human. Oversleeping (more than ten hours/day) may lead to Parkinson’s disorder at an older age.
-       Women need up to an hour of extra sleep and not getting it make them susceptible to depression.
-       Approximately one-third of our life is spent sleeping. Its quality and length will affect our performance, mood.
-       Not sleeping on a healthy mattress may deter your full potential.  
-       A tiny luminous ray from digital alarm clock is enough to disrupt our sleep cycle by causing the levels of melatonin (sleep inducing chemical) to fall within minutes.
-       Sleep solves our problem by strengthening memory. It extracts information from within the day, and the brain categorizes the information of the day.
-      Naps improve memory and can cut heart disease.
           -  If you lose two hours of sleep, you can impair your performance equal to a .05 blood-                      alcohol level.

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