Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Routine life in a resort !! WOW !!!

It has been quite sometime since I turned the pages of my blog roll or attempted to write. Shifting to a new place is not like a breezy walk on a beautiful evening. It started with planning and execution for every little thing. The toughest part of the move was 2 weeks of separation from the world; I mean the absence of Internet at home due to shifting process. Unlike our country where cable, telephone are exclusive, here it is not the way. Internet is the only source for everything. If you have internet you have the whole world under your feet, if you don’t have it you have nothing.
That was really difficult to be out of the world. But the moving-in and moving-out duties kept me busy on my feet. Coming to this new place was exciting for every person who heard than myself, because it was California !!

Every stranger who heard the name praised about its climate especially. I dint anticipate it to be any dreamland but it was indeed. Green carpet laid as grass bordering the roadway, greenish water bodies let into the housing area as beautiful lagoons which had been maintained very well, flashy flowers and various kind of vegetation captivating us to take a closer look. Here is an image from the internet, as a preview.
Hook on to my page for the scenic beauty that would treat your eyes and take your breath away.

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