Friday, February 17, 2012

The art of forgetting!!

All of us have been there. Been a kid, was so immaculate, unadulterated in thoughts and looks. We were close to nature, just the way god wanted us. As we grew up we learnt to live, learnt to talk, learnt to face people around us. As we gain various experience from the society, we learn the tricks and trades of survival.
Now we can be diplomatic, learning to handle all kinds of people though still a few can come as a shock to us. While we were that young, we dint know how to handle many situations. We ran to our teachers or parents for help. Now we cant do that too. We blow up our emotions are hide it forever. Sometimes we think we better not talk than to express it.

Just imagine how calm this world would be if we had not lost the art of forgetting.
The kids are adept in it. They play with their best friend all the time, help them, and push them away showing their anger of no reason; which might seem as a humongous excuse to ignore them. They go around, play with other friends, and come running back looking for their best friend, forgetting their pent up anger. The friend also accepts it and they walk along together again. Wouldn't it be great if all of our lives were such a beautiful fairy tale?

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