Thursday, January 21, 2010


We, the humans have evolved so much from our ancestors. We have been working on new inventions, discoveries and many more innovations. Why are we delivering our heart and soul t every little work we do? It is said as a means of living, earning for ourselves, saving for our future. It is also being told for a happy living. “Happy??!!” It is not a common term; its definition differs from one to other based on an individual’s perspective.
For a mother, a mere smile from her kid will render happiness,  for a clerk, being promoted as an officer will give happiness, for a officer, recognition for his work is happiness, for a teacher, meeting her old student on her way back home and to know he/she has reached a good position in life is happiness. These roles may seem to differ, but a same person has these many roles to play. And often people do confuse between happiness and luxury. Necessity will give a human happiness; luxury will bring danger, worry, and problems.
Happiness is the state of mind. The real happiness is when you are happy for your every little success of your fellow beings, be it a friend, brother, sister, enemy without even a pinch of jealousy. Happiness is what we decide upon ourselves. If scoring low in exams, departing of your dear ones, other similar issues steal away your happiness, it means you are not prepared to face various parts of life. Staying happy and being composed at least for a few seconds at bad times, will give us strength and courage to face life better. BE HAPPY! KEEP SMILING!!!

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