Monday, March 30, 2009

An Equitable Present

“She who takes care of you irrespective of your need. She will stand by you through your success and failures, your righteousness and mistakes.”

Every child places its first step on their mother’s womb, wonder how? The period they kick and start their moving inside. This gives an ecstatic feel for every mom. Generations are getting better and wiser as years move along, which was stated by Charles Darwin as “The survival of the fittest”. It may be behavior, appearance, brilliance, there is ascent as the years move on. People may become a billionaire, business magnet, athlete, top official of MNC at the culmination of life, but every man or a woman are going through the same phase of life. Women to specify have a greater responsibility than men in bringing up a child. As the proverb goes, “You educate a boy, you educate a person, whereas you educate a girl, you educate a family”.
Women can speak about liberty and freaky kind of attitude they would like to enjoy during their teenage. But a certain amount of restriction is an absolute must as a pinch of salt for cooking. A few girls can object this saying they can enjoy life to fullest and change later when situation demands. But “Ainthil valayaathathu aimbathil valayaathu” In a girls life a mother plays the most important role as she will know her stages having experienced the same. She cuddles the child everyday since the day break till the end of it, helping her to get ready to school, teaching her how to behave in class, inculcating good manners and habits, helping through the course of study, engaging the child such as playing, instilling culture and values.
On taking a beautiful journey of a girl’s life, she is being treated as a princess of the house and being pampered till she becomes a school going kid. As she attains her puberty, she is being restricted slowly from her previous enjoyments like playing with her group which might constitute a greater number of the other sex. These kinds of restrictions would bother her and throw her into a world of perplexity. The girl is reared under a conservative environment instilling our traditional and cultural values. Once the girl comes out of her adolescence, she realizes the values of precepts taught by her mother especially. Though a child may call herself a pet to her dad, she is much more out-spoken to her mom. The beautiful period of a human is when they realize and admire the beauty of Mother and Motherhood. This may be at any phase of life, but this realization will transform the person into a complete and matured one. The early realization will help to serve the creator and understand her better. This would be the period for repentance and self- realization.
The realization will take you through the memory lane to show the way She cared for you while you were sick, encouraged you to overcome the suffering at bad times, chided you for mistakes and you would have hurt her gravely with impinging words without a even botheration to apologize. The times She would have boasted with pride about you to the kiths and kins for a trivial benevolence. You will be the ever beautiful and charming person in the world for Her. She might have complained about your behavior to neighbors, but will never let you down even if you are a sinner. You might have pestered her for a snack in spite of her illness; she would complete the snack within minutes to see the smile in you. Though you might put up a long face after a tiff, she would come back and cuddle you with an innocent smile at her face.
She will be the happiest if we obey her words which by default, would be for our betterment. She will be the happiest to see you smile for ever. She will adore you though you may no longer be a kid, forgive your faults invariably. She is our MOTHER- an angel sent by God to enlighten every human to salvation. There goes a proverb, “When you start accepting that your parents are right, you will have a child who thinks you are wrong”. 

Monday, March 23, 2009


I was a GRE aspirant in my college days wanting to start a new phase of my life at a new destination. I was encouraged to study well, aim for it and reach it. It all started very well. I was eagerly waiting for my admit. I got admits from two universities out of five I had applied for. I was very happy, stepping on to my dream chair, thinking about the steps I had to take to adapt myself at a new place. But the came financial problem as a great stumbling block. This is no surprise for any MS aspirant. But my gender played a role to hold me back to my roots. I being the only child for retired parents, from a middle class conservative family, moving abroad was a matter of fear, anxiety, and a Himalayan task. Being immature I tried to convince my parents to apply a loan, a huge amount as a necessity. As I was neither a topper nor an achiever I could not het a waiver or financial aid. Parents will always want their kids to be safe and stay happy without undergoing heavy distress in life. That too me being the only child and the large separation of four years during my under graduation turned out to be a cause for the check they laid for my graduation in a foreign land. I was not tenacious to extract my needs by hurting my creators. Their age and financial instability was pressurizing them to search for my groom. I was made to abandon my dreams in order to satisfy my parents at least by my presence.
This was the position which asked me so many questions like, y dint I maintain an excellent academic record? Y was I born a girl? Y did I burden my parents with such a financial constraint?

I managed to come out of this disappointment and look for job. Though I was offered a job through campus placements, the financial down trend had hit the IT firms badly especially the one which I got placed. I hunted for a job to come out this boredom and took up one as a tele-marketing executive. It dint pay me well, yet I enjoyed the work place. My nurturers were not happy with my job. I too found the situation to be an under-employment for myself. So I came out trying for other options.

Enjoyed with my parents by visiting my relatives place, attending family functions, etc... But my friends were being called join from their respective firm. This created agony in my mind and I started another business of my own of making fashion jewelry. I started getting orders from my colony inmates. I felt excited about it and enjoyed my work. But this too dint work out for long as I had to find new customers for the business to go on. This was also seemed to be a low-grade job for my parents.

I am still in search of the right place for me that would satisfy my parents, to help me repay my loan. Is it all possible? Or is my life going to change upside down by entering a family side? God alone Knows. When is it all going to happen?  Where is my fighting spirit? Why am I so submissive by just accepting the stuffs happening to me? Is it because of the over-protection? But I think I have been vested with a good amount of inner strength to undergo these troublesome situations. Thank you god for having me sustains these hardships. But as everyone would say, there must e something better in store for me. The happiness I attain through this is the empty state of mind after pouring out my agony in this form and to stay smiling forever. Why am I like this?

 Am yet to discover my true self!!


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