Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first Blog !!

This has been a long wait. Here are my thoughts and experiences to share. Though I have been under a perception that writing a blog needs enormous amount of writing experience, here I start to gain experience. Am VARSHINI completed my UG in a college amidst forest, which ultimately turned out to be a paradise during my final year and which deserves extraordinary salutation for making a person of today J

Terminal semester at college: one of the few to regret

It was the final semester at our paradise. Classes were almost suspended or left free with mere attendance. As every second in the clock ticked, the minds of every final year student sulkily wanted their 4 memorable years back. It was hard to digest the fact that we have completed four years of under-graduation. This was the only thought flickering in our minds. Most of the final semester was lent for our projects. Only one third of us were at the college doing our project. Though we were enjoying ourselves in our ravishing JVC, the whole edifice seemed empty. It wasn’t vanity in reality. It was because of the absence of our dear batch mates who were away for their projects, the stairs seemed deserted, and the anteroom looked desolated.  The department regained its ebullience once in a month. Wondering how!!!  It was the review that was scheduled for three days, first two assigned for projects done outside and final day was for us.

Although we missed the gang enjoyment and celebration, it was me and Swapna who relished in the beauty of Mother Nature who showcased her beauteous forms through her breezy environment with birds chirping to wish a beautiful morning as would stride to the laboratory to record the first readings for the day. Every day would pass as we shuttle between the class and lab noting down the readings. It was fun learning through mistakes, but we learnt only after committing it more then twice. J Our most investigative project mate is Tamil who should have been into research by now for her dedication to elicit a solution and adept knowledge of the subject. “As the saying goes man proposes, God disposes” she is now working in an It concern. And to say about Swap, she is my best enemy and my worst friend. She had her terrible time in the final year being my neighbor. Waking me up every morning, updating news about class works, assignments, lending them with bounteous generosity for me to copy.  She was my companion in class, lab, hostel, almost all the time. She had to stand my so called naughtiness of scaring her every time I sneak into her room wordlessly, hitting hard on her under the name of patting, pinching her in the course of conversation. We used to bask at the beautiful sight of sunset through the branches of blossomed gulmohar tree graced by the yellow flowers.

         Another normal day began with me and Swap rushing to the class as only 10 minutes was left for the class to terminate. Class was occupied with other hostilities and day scholars. The first class of almost all the days was just for the sake of attendance. We cracked jokes about the staff commenting on his language. We had only 4 hours of lecture per day, the other hours for our project. We enjoyed with our friends in the class discussing about horror stories, teasing each other, pairing up with our class mates and other stuffs. We used to capture the beauty of sastra during the incubation period of the experiment. This was our full time job at the festivities of sastra, namely the tech and cultural festival.

It was on that day there arose an argument regarding the procedure to be done and the segregation of work among ourselves. It was a trivial incident which kept on building as we dint speak out our thoughts at the spur of the moment. This led to arguments of other cadre pointing out the earlier incident. This became a barrier amongst us because of which we lost too many joyous moments that could have been engraved in our hearts. And I still repent for being so in those days, yet thank my friends for giving me support through out the period and help me in this transformation.

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