Thursday, October 29, 2009

சில நேரங்களில் சில மனிதர்கள்

This might ping you to be a title of a famous movie. Yup! Its true. A movie from a great cine sculpture K.Balachandar. I never used to like his movies as most of it would deal with controversial section of a man’s life. Though it might be controversial, that is the ultimate truth that has been a part of everyone’s life. Now am not going to deal with any kind of controversy but about people at different times. People have different shades and that’s why there are so many different people. But people don’t stay the same as they were. People find a set of actions to be comfortable, that becomes a part of them and is being called a mannerism. But the same changes if one comes across a different set of actions from their loved ones.
We are very much green during our school days, unaware of the real world, thinking that all are good. But once when we step out of school, we see many more people, many more new things that fascinates us to be so, to imitate them, etc. We spend most of our times with our friends, enjoy, freak out and have fun. But when a spark comes between two hearts, it must be carefully doused into water or else it would blow out as a huge fire and might burn the relationship. There is no relation without these sparks, as these teaches people how to handle it to mould the relationship. There would have been many instances when we would have carefully dealt with it escaping the hurt. We relish in the relation and there comes a point of time when we have to part with our own ways. We leave with a hand shake promising to sustain the relation with the same intensity all through. It might seem possible in the beginning but which is practically the mist difficult one.
Once we part we find a new way for us, new environment, and new set of people, new principles and ideologies gained from our surroundings. We find the change in our mentality, the way we see each and every creation and situation in this world. We are parted from our dear ones through distance and time lag. We lose in touch with our close friends, and can’t demand the same importance as before coz each of us have got our own set of new life, new priorities, new relations to maintain, new promises to keep up. It may seem to you that a blaming all for these changes. It is not possible, if I have to, whom should I blame? You? or Me? or this World? This is life…. We have seen the change within ourselves, have been molded by wounds given by time and medicated by time itself. We have to keep ourselves on the go, but never hesitate to look back and cherish the beautiful past which has helped you to be the one today.

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