Thursday, April 1, 2010

Perspective turnover at the First Encounter:

A refreshing, much-awaited, long time dreamt period for every girl. Entry of a so called stranger into my life, gave a new experience for lifetime. A sense of objection, trying to pull me back from opening up, something tells me from within to watch out, be matured, give your best impression, and though have never been clever enough to be so. To the surprise, the first conversation ever, brought the sense of ease, broke the ice barrier, and gave a friendly impression of the person. Though was angry as I had to miss the get-together with my friends and he was the sole reason for it, these thoughts vanished after the first conversation. Was he smart enough to impress me or do I really like him from within? This kept ringing in my mind. The sense of nervousness to meet my future in-laws, a fear of rejection, preparing my mind to take up anything was the toughest task. Well-wishers advising the way I should present myself, things to be clarified, suggestions to speak with him, my inner voice agitating me and the mind trying to control me. There came the awaited ones, amongst the fanfare created by my kith and kin. I was eager to look at him in person, a sigh of relief bringing me closer to him. The second barrier is also shattered, his friendly nature and gesture put me at ease, a very amicable person and friendly to hang out with, was the impression he inscribed in me. It was an impact, was it because of the gaga created by my kinsmen or have I really been floored by his entry? Nothing occurred as per the fear; everything had fallen into place as it has been destined to. My in-laws were happy with me, my fellow men awaiting my green signal, my foremost priority of friendliness was fulfilled and I too passed on with a green signal. 
It all started there, though only the first step was completed, we felt very good with each other and started conversing over the phone. The excitement was at its pinnacle about the new relation in the pipeline, both of us were ready to open up and give out our views about our perspective of life. It was surprising to know that he was almost the same as me, this changed the first perspective of me and I was not a believer of horoscope and stuff. We were told that our horoscopes matched for about 90%, i.e., the maximum extent possible. It was when I started believing in destiny and time. Everything fell right into place and I started looking forward to life, having been hit by recession, rejection and disappointment, I was leading to life just for the sake. This new change of route brought a refreshing change in me, started to learn my future aspects, like cooking, house maintenance, understanding my guy, giving him the best company he expects out of me. This start has given me a good reason to live my life to the fullest with new hopes and beliefs. Every girl will encounter this excitement and it is truly a golden period and will help to prepare for the next stage of life. A period of instability creating a potpourri of emotions and causing the fleet of butterflies in stomach. A new person’s entry into our life and the fear of leaving my parents fighting in my heart. This is the best and exciting part of women’s life.

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