Saturday, January 22, 2011

As we sow, so we reap:

A beautiful video that I came across in Facebook,a dedication to all the citizens and mainly parents. We live our lives the way we desire, not realizing the mistakes we do and producing a justification of every action we do. We influence the next generation by every action we do. Young minds are like the wet fertile soil. It would accept any seed that we sow and will hold it forever. 
We should be careful with our actions and stand as the right example to live life in the right way.Let us all be responsible and make our influence positive. Here is the video to remind us that children see. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cervical cancer Awareness:

Cervical cancer is considered as the second major cancer in women next to breast cancer.  It is caused by HPV (Human Papilloma virus). The main cause of this cancer which killed Jade Goody was the lack of awareness and ways to prevent it.

What is cervical cancer?
It is the growth of cancerous cells at the cervix, the mouth of uterus. It starts as a pre-cancerous cell and would take years to develop fully to show out symptoms. If developed and untreated, it could spread to bladder, liver, intestine and lungs.

HPV is the main reason for the virus and it spreads through sexual intercourse. There are many strains of virus, only types 16 and 18 cause death. The rest cause genital warts. Some other risks are:
·         Having sex at an early age
·         Multiple sexual partners
·         Weakened immune system
·         Poor economic status(not able to get pap smear)

Early cervical cancer has no symptoms. Symptoms that may occur can include:
  • Continuous vaginal discharge, which may be pale, watery, pink, brown, bloody, or foul-smelling
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods, after intercourse, or after menopause
  • Periods become heavier and last longer than usual
  • Any bleeding after menopause
Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include:
  • Anemia because of abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Weight loss
  • Pelvic or back pain
  • Heavy bleeding from the rectum or bladder
  • Leaking of urine or feces from the vagina

Tests & Diagnosis:
Pap smear tests are done to study the cells from the cervix. If unavailable, visual identification can be done by staining to detect the abnormalities in cervix.
HPV test:  The DNA cells of cervix are studied for cancerous growth. It is much accurate than Pap test. But this can be done only for women above thirty.

HPV vaccine: With girls getting sexually active early these days it is advisable to get them vaccinated at the age of 11-13. This Vaccine is effective only if administered before first sexual intercourse. It is administered as three doses, each costing around 3000.
Delay intercourse:Another way is to stay safe from intercourse and wait till you get married.
Sexual partners: Use of condoms can reduce the risk of infection. Having less number of sexual partners also can prevent from other STDs
Regular pap test: Pap test is recommended for women who become sexually active at young age. This cancer is common among women aged between 30-45. So it is better women go for pap test annually or once in five years after first negative test.

Prevention is better than cure. Let us know about the disease, prevent and fight back.
Source: Times of India, Google Health.

Friday, January 14, 2011

White Fairy!!!

An exquisite fairy peeping out
As an ocasional guest
Spreading around the merry
To kids and teens

Falling down as flurry flakes
Each one unique from the other
Reaching the ground without
Thrusting each other

Spreading a blanket uniformly
Without any inclinations
Calling out the kids to jump
 And play to mark their footprints

Making Snow mans at every corner
Kids Play throwing snow balls
And couples enjoying the weather
With a hot cofee and hands held together

Retreating from the sight
She turns the snow into crystals
Making them sheen
On the tree tops reflecting the sunshine.

Adorning the nature's beauty
Much in every different way
Awaiting to see you
On your next visit dear fairy!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Magic wand - Technology

Technlogy has been in its pinnacle in this century with millions of inventions and upgrades. This gives a hand in bringing the enormous world closer. Especially for the relations separated by distance, technology is an "akshyapatra"(because technology keeps growing and never empties). 

I am one of the yearning individual for my loved ones overseas. For my parents issues coming up with the system and the so called system engineers grab the money in the name of service taking advantage of their ignorance. But with the help of remote control software, i was able to fix many issues with regard to installation, system security, etc,.

Thanks a zillion and hats off to the technology,my parents felt my real presence when i resolved the problem by myself. I was so elated to hear those words fro them.
Way to go "Technology" !!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello My Dear...

She looked at me with love
Even when i was unable to move
She taught me to behave
With all those i have
She cried when i was hurt
And taught to be unhurt with all.

She made me grow
Standing by as a ladder
Herself  staying stunted 
Sacrificed all of hers'
To watch me shimmer.

Then came the day
She sent me away from her
For my betterment
With my memories lingering
In her thoughts and
Waiting for the phone to ring
And say "Hello kutty ma..."

Wish the world is a better place this way....

It has been concurrent issue since many years. The superiority of male over female, the domination, a wrong notion inscribed in hearts, the male chauvinism. According to the definition it is only a blind belief of superiority and patriotism. This has now become a cliche. Even though many voices raised against, it is still not extinct. It was a giant monster in those days and today it is covered under a magic blanket and is invisible.

Who is the reason for this? Is it the male community ? They might have laid the rules, but endorsement of these was by the women. They were happy to stay as a puppet and accept the belief. They have inculcated the same old belief to their off-springs too. A child's ideology is obtained mainly from the mother. The chauvinism was only at home in earlier days because women dint go to work. Today it is everywhere as women have entered any field one could pin point.

The main reason is the society. Who are the society? It is us. If we think we can change the outlook of the society. There are men who support women against male chauvinism, but they act with it to favor their conditions. In a work situation, where a women is at superior position not all men co-operate with her. Some co-operate, some try to pull her legs, some try to bring disgrace,

In this 21st century where women equalize men in all the fields, why is her soul relationship left for desertion after marriage? Why is it only a guy's responsibility to take care of his parents? Why cant a girl take care of her parents even after marriage? Why is there still a system that girl should leave back her parents for a new life? Why should she change her last name? Why cant there be a custom where both married men and women say separately and take care of their parents together? Why is always a girls parents on the lower side of the balance? It is being said that a girls parents should have a son to take care of them as per the practice. What is the plight of single daughter's or only daughter's parents?

I wish there was a world of equality in relationships, emotion, power, rights. If god comes to grant me a wish, I will ask him to change this perspective of this world. As according to a study better success can be achieved when men and women work in harmony. And let us women instill thoughts of equality to the next generation. I believe this had made and will make a difference we desire. Let this world be such a place of harmony.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am turning TWO !!!

                                      "Happy 2nd Birthday" 

It has been TWO years since i wrote my first blog. It started as a compulsive one and also to keep my brain from rust. First year was just a beginning with a few posts. The second year i have given double the number of posts and with a variety. I am one among INDIBLOGGER network. Am so happy to be a part of it and have got inspired from many bloggers here. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Hope this year would bring out much more out of me.
Happy Blogging !!!!
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!

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