Friday, January 14, 2011

White Fairy!!!

An exquisite fairy peeping out
As an ocasional guest
Spreading around the merry
To kids and teens

Falling down as flurry flakes
Each one unique from the other
Reaching the ground without
Thrusting each other

Spreading a blanket uniformly
Without any inclinations
Calling out the kids to jump
 And play to mark their footprints

Making Snow mans at every corner
Kids Play throwing snow balls
And couples enjoying the weather
With a hot cofee and hands held together

Retreating from the sight
She turns the snow into crystals
Making them sheen
On the tree tops reflecting the sunshine.

Adorning the nature's beauty
Much in every different way
Awaiting to see you
On your next visit dear fairy!!


sharanya said...

Wow!! NICE Varshini :))

Varshu said...

Thank u sharanya :)

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Well done. Keep up writing.

Sourav said...

White is beautiful, so is your post and your feelings :)

Varshu said...

@Dibakar : Thank you. Very energizing.

Varshu said...

Thank you :)

Chetan said...

beautiful lines

Arpana said...

Beautifully written poem!

Varshu said...

@chetan : Thank you :)
@ aparna : Thank you :)

Mohinee said...

Varshu! hi ! Poem and blog is very sweet..beautifl.! i really loved your blog.....:) and n'joy life like this too.

Rajlakshmi said...

lovely imagery ... loved the poem...

Varshu said...

@mohini: Thank you so much!!
@ rajalakshmi: Thank you :)

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