Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wish the world is a better place this way....

It has been concurrent issue since many years. The superiority of male over female, the domination, a wrong notion inscribed in hearts, the male chauvinism. According to the definition it is only a blind belief of superiority and patriotism. This has now become a cliche. Even though many voices raised against, it is still not extinct. It was a giant monster in those days and today it is covered under a magic blanket and is invisible.

Who is the reason for this? Is it the male community ? They might have laid the rules, but endorsement of these was by the women. They were happy to stay as a puppet and accept the belief. They have inculcated the same old belief to their off-springs too. A child's ideology is obtained mainly from the mother. The chauvinism was only at home in earlier days because women dint go to work. Today it is everywhere as women have entered any field one could pin point.

The main reason is the society. Who are the society? It is us. If we think we can change the outlook of the society. There are men who support women against male chauvinism, but they act with it to favor their conditions. In a work situation, where a women is at superior position not all men co-operate with her. Some co-operate, some try to pull her legs, some try to bring disgrace,

In this 21st century where women equalize men in all the fields, why is her soul relationship left for desertion after marriage? Why is it only a guy's responsibility to take care of his parents? Why cant a girl take care of her parents even after marriage? Why is there still a system that girl should leave back her parents for a new life? Why should she change her last name? Why cant there be a custom where both married men and women say separately and take care of their parents together? Why is always a girls parents on the lower side of the balance? It is being said that a girls parents should have a son to take care of them as per the practice. What is the plight of single daughter's or only daughter's parents?

I wish there was a world of equality in relationships, emotion, power, rights. If god comes to grant me a wish, I will ask him to change this perspective of this world. As according to a study better success can be achieved when men and women work in harmony. And let us women instill thoughts of equality to the next generation. I believe this had made and will make a difference we desire. Let this world be such a place of harmony.


Kumar Bibek said...

I guess, there's obviously no short-cuts to achieve this. We have to live through these times, but I am happy to see the changes already, but would be more happy if I can see it everywhere.

S.R.Ayyangar said...

I do not agree that "The chauvinism was only at home in earlier days because women dint go to work". Even today I have come across many cases (from affluent family also) where working women had to suffer on account of their highly educated husband's chauvinisms!

Varshu said...

@Kumar:You are right. We have to endure.

Varshu said...

I was ignorant of the situation you said sir. Thanks for throwing light. Thank you for participating here.

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