Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can We? Yes we can!!



Killing time trying to find out what to do with my life had swallowed a couple of years in my life; It seemed to be an excuse to stay idle. It had been a long wait and there it was at a reachable height. I had to stretch myself to to meet the goals for a short time, I did and it was an experience to move out of my shell and explore the world. It was a fun period and I dint want it to end as every student would crave for the school to keep going on at the verge if final exams. I had a sense of accomplishment and am proud of myself. I and had something to speak for myself. Was waiting to meet my friends and share my experience with them. I loved doing this and I hope I experience fun, joy with responsibility.

All these time my blog was in hibernation and was waiting for me to wake it up. Though I dint find time to write down my thoughts, I could hear its call to revisit.

P.S: People who want to do something with your lives after a break, please don’t consider as an advise. See this as a spark which would give you ignition. All We need to do is to force ourselves to take the first step shedding our fear of accomplishment and inhibition. Then the world will open its doors of opportunities.

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