Monday, February 23, 2009

A peaceful holiday spot!!

Here is my experience about my visit to a beautiful town

It is NEYVELI. It is almost made by NLC namely Neyveli lignite corporation. Everyone must be aware of it as, this supplies a major share of power to our state. I dint nurture any preconceived notion about the town, though I had made my living there when I was in my first and second standard. My uncle welcomed me to enjoy riding his TVS excel. I was awaiting the same as it has been 4 years since I rode a vehicle. I reached my relatives place late in the evening, so couldn’t go round that day.

The next day my uncle took me a ride and was with me to take ride by myself. It was the road towards the township. Marvelous sight, scintillating breeze awakening every cell of my soul. Road was elegant bordered by eucalyptus trees. Behind those trees were the cashew trees. A must mention, this town exports a major percentage of cashew both within and outside the country. I wont say it was lush of green, it can be described as temperate region with respect to geography we studied at school. The scent of eucalyptus rose as I was driving. That evening we had planned to visit Chidhambaram NATRAJAR temple which would take an hours time from this town.

My parents said this temple is where I we used to spend our evenings atleast twice a week while we were at chidhambaram. This would have been the substantial reason for my affinity towards the deity lord Natraja(Shiva). The temple is definitely a master-piece. You will be astounded on the first sight of loty gopurams in the four cardinal directions.

This temple is a must visit for artists and performers of our classical art form Bharathnatyam. The gateways are etched with 108 poses of Bharathnatyam as enunciated in Natya Sastra. An interesting fact about this temple, according to scientific proof, the place where Lord Natraja has his right foot is the centre of this universe. The deity is in one of the dance postures called “Ananda Tandavam”.

To the right of Shiva, is the revered Chidambara rahasyam - or a representation of emptiness garlanded with golden vilva leaves. The curtain in front of the Chidambara Rahasyam, representing Shiva (and Parvati) in the formless form (Aroopam) is lifted ceremoniously during worship services, with offerings of lamps. A legend, comemorating the dance between Shiva and Kali is associated with Chidhambaram. Shiva is said to have lifted his right foot towards the sky in the “Urdhuva Tandava” posture, a definite male gesture, which Kaali could not reciprocate, thereby causing Shiva to emerge victorious, assigning Kaali to the status of a primary deity in another temple in the outskirts of Chidambaram. “Sai raksha” is the one offered to the Lord at Sandhya kaalam(6 pm). The pooja with various kinds of abhishekam and Aaradhana were mind blowing.

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