Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Natural Healer

That was a breezy evening, which gave me an insight about life. I was at lone, walking along the shores of a not so crowded beach. It was a day of misfortune and a period of hardships. I was fretting and fuming to let out my discontent to a close heart, but was left alone. Though almost all beaches of Chennai have been polluted, this one was pretty tolerable. I was not in a smiley mode to play with the sand and waves; I sat over a sand dune staring at the waves. It was like a new friend of mine trying to bring back my happiness.
It was a splendid dusk, covering the environment with a sheet of ripe orange. The scorching sun has now become soothing, and the coastline was ready to lend its shoulders for me. I saw the sun bidding goodbye for the day after its tiring long hours of work, kids playing around with their friends after their school, a few with their parents, a few couples enjoying each others company on the chilled coastline.
As any other loner, I started to stare at the mighty waves. It was building up at the mid of the sea, gaining momentum as a rolling stone to hit the shore. Even rolling stones would increase its volume, these waves dissolved at half their way. We look at the waves; think (scientifically) they are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. But these creations of God, will teach us many more than our visible teachers, they act as an ideal instance to motivate us. They don’t stop as they are not able to reach the shore with a few attempts. They get back, imbibe the strength and nutrition from its parent, the sea and get back with a fighting spirit to reach its target. Similarly, as it darkens, this soothing angel will appear to be a monster, getting away from the visibility, merging with the darkness around, flashing as white foam when she hits against the shore.
I saw a crab along the waves being brought to the shore, who knows where it dwells, being dislocated by an external force. It walks fast against the waves and buries itself into the sand to escape the next wave. It moves along the waves to and fro yet does not give up on its work. Similarly, we will never know where the crab will dig out and clutch our finger. These are only a few visible lessons available for us to recharge ourselves keeping the mundane worries at bay. In the beginning I was not ready to trust this violent angel as my friend, but she got in touch with me within a short while and she gave me a cheerful company to get over my gloom. Wanna enjoy these beautiful moments?!, step on to her, when you fell left out, depressed or confused. She is sure to heal your wound and return the merriment to face life with a new zing.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do we have that 6th sense?

An imaginary plot of conversation between a tree and dog.
It was a sunny afternoon and a dog was resting under a shady tree. The dog was about to enter a sound sleep, then fallen a twig from the tree. This woke up the dog, and it barked twice at the tree, and then came back to rest again. The tree started questioning and dog gave its answers….. And here it goes…..
Tree: Hey dog, how are you?
Dog: Am good. Came here to rest under your shade but you have woken me up.
Tree: Hey have you hurt one of your legs?
Dog: Ya lost when a man ran over with his vehicle.
Tree: These human are really hardhearted, they are so selfish.
Dog: God has given them the so called sixth sense, but according to me, they don behave as if they have the extra sense.
Tree: How do you say that?
Dog: I can give you many instances. Let us see about your relationship with them. You give them shade, food, medicines, bring rain, but they in spite of knowing all the advantages of your being, they destroy forests, cultivable land, take all the fruits from you and destroy you. They are suffering for all their actions now.
Tree: What you are saying is right... Any other examples?
Dog: People consider themselves as brainy as they have discovered many advanced equipments for living, but they don’t how to how to be harmless towards others. They have hurt my leg not even knowing what is on their way. They fight among themselves calling it as competition that turns as vengeance.
Tree: You are very much in your way even though you have lost one of your legs.
Dog: This is the advantage god has gifted us, with just 5 senses.
Tree: How is it an advantage?
Dog: We being with just 5 senses don’t know to cry over the lost leg, though it may be due to pain. We don’t feel low on ourselves and get dejected. But if a human loses his leg, they repent a lot over it than to think what can be done with the other leg. I don’t use any stick to help me walk. But they use and they themselves show they are crippled. Even you, you don’t cry if one of your branches is cut. Though you may cry it might not be visible. At the same time, you don’t take revenge by folding your branches and refuse to give shade to those men.
Tree: Absolutely… now am proud of myself for benefiting my environment. You don’t take revenge on me for dropping my twig on you. You don’t hurt me in any way. We live for our own, without affecting each other’s lives. Hey… wait…!! #@ how are we able to think this way?? Have we gained our sixth sense too??
Dog: Hey buddy... don worry, the writer makes us speak for a change.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The selfless nature

Nature is the mother of all, a creation of the almighty or a pseudo form of the one above all. This universe is believed to be so many billion years old. Since its birth it has been designed to befit and benefit the creatures around it. The continents were one a solid mass of land and the tectonic movements have delivered it a unique shape for each one. It was not wild on the creator for bringing up these catastrophes, nor grateful for making her much beautiful. It has been giving light, rain, shade, food, shelter since the immemorial.

In the mid of March, as u walk along any shady pedestrian, you will be able to breathe the onset of spring with the streets blanketed with the red and yellow flowers of gulmohar, trumpet, jasmine. Tress blushing with their tender and fresh green leaves to welcome and inject the happiness into your thoughts. The nature blesses each of us with these showers which will bring a thoughtful smile at the edge of our lips, with a feeling of WOW!! in us. We have been gifted with such an everlasting gift to enjoy. Are we contented with it?

No… we relish it, keep digging all its worth, take undue advantage of its generosity and render nothing in return. We are being ungrateful to our mother. Everything has a limit, similarly her patience too. He has started demanding her returns in the name of lives. We have heard of many land slides, volcanic eruption from a dead one, undue weather changes. You might question, how can a mother become so cruel to her children? It is not the loss of her patience; it is the loss of her resistance towards the hazardous effects we have made by our living. She was protecting this earth with her cozy blanket all these years to protect us from harmful rays, but if that has been holed by us, how can she protect us? Is this the way to repay? She is not a nerd or a scientist to remake the blanket but she has been very much creative in making this beautiful paradise.  She does not expect us to be smart enough to repay her; she wants us to have the basic knowledge to save our souls. Though we are here being those brilliant scientists all we could do is to impair her.

Though the energy saving ideas, go green policies have not hit their hundred marks, it has received a huge response from the present generation and has proved to be an eye-opener for the next generation. Avoidance of plastic should be made a practice at schools. Children should be taught to live without plastics in the day-to-day life. That electronic appliance which won’t harm the ozone layer only has to manufactured and marketed. Government should fund for the industries to work without emitting CFC’s. This will be a good aid to support and promote ozone harmless industries. The next huge cry is being heard for the loss of conventional energy which also is a reason for harming ozone. Let us first take up the first step of saving energy in which ever form may be; not only today for the urge, but practice it everyday.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The abode of PATIENCE:

We have seen millions of people speaking about women empowerment. This is not one among them; it is the way how a woman handles people, emotions, complexity around her and balances life.
The conventional thought about Indian women is that they are downtrodden in comparison with the so called developed countries. But all the women have come across similar problems in life. They have also confronted innumerable suffering which can be quoted under male chauvinism. This orientation has overturned in many foreign countries, but has its malodorousness is still showing its impact on this society. Most of the customs followed these days mimic the ancient practices which do not apply to the current situation. Though male child is wanted by all, female is the one being most pampered and it is for the love and affection she spreads all around this world. God must have mused in depth before he created a woman.
In our country, the old customs and practices have been considered as the backbone of or culture, which is to be agreed entirely. But as the poet Mahakavi Bharathi sowed his rebellious thoughts into the women at that early stage, we have attained so much of freedom from tortures in the name of customs. As Shakespeare said, “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players” I think women play different roles that poses various challenges through their life. Being a kid, matures as a teenager to face the world, marrying a stranger and building a good relation with him and his family, she must have screeched for an injection but she prepares herself to bear 56 dels of pain more than a normal man can bear to deliver a child. Getting her favorites by jus a wink to her dad, now becomes a Himalayan task. Hesitation to ask her better half, a trouble that her new relations should not misapprehend her words and actions. She must have enjoyed the luxury to that of a princess, the next stage of her life will expect her to be the real form of patience and fortitude. Should eat the left over without wasting them, take care of the house mates before taking care of herself, should eat only after serving food to everyone, should sacrifice her freedom individuality, her dreams for the sake of her family and her kids. Why do people expect all these from her? She is capable of balancing her dreams and goals on one hand with family on the other side. All that she needs is the love and affection from her family.
But though getting away from parents might bring pain for the time, it l help her to overcome a bigger separation at a later stage. Facing new challenges will absolutely make women the strongest, but first the setting out will be difficult. Every girl has to come across these stages to manage anything that disturbs her off springs. Anyways still there are many things that can be changed, mainly with the support of the generation to the upcoming next. Keep going women. You will make the world go around with your love and patience.

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