Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do we have that 6th sense?

An imaginary plot of conversation between a tree and dog.
It was a sunny afternoon and a dog was resting under a shady tree. The dog was about to enter a sound sleep, then fallen a twig from the tree. This woke up the dog, and it barked twice at the tree, and then came back to rest again. The tree started questioning and dog gave its answers….. And here it goes…..
Tree: Hey dog, how are you?
Dog: Am good. Came here to rest under your shade but you have woken me up.
Tree: Hey have you hurt one of your legs?
Dog: Ya lost when a man ran over with his vehicle.
Tree: These human are really hardhearted, they are so selfish.
Dog: God has given them the so called sixth sense, but according to me, they don behave as if they have the extra sense.
Tree: How do you say that?
Dog: I can give you many instances. Let us see about your relationship with them. You give them shade, food, medicines, bring rain, but they in spite of knowing all the advantages of your being, they destroy forests, cultivable land, take all the fruits from you and destroy you. They are suffering for all their actions now.
Tree: What you are saying is right... Any other examples?
Dog: People consider themselves as brainy as they have discovered many advanced equipments for living, but they don’t how to how to be harmless towards others. They have hurt my leg not even knowing what is on their way. They fight among themselves calling it as competition that turns as vengeance.
Tree: You are very much in your way even though you have lost one of your legs.
Dog: This is the advantage god has gifted us, with just 5 senses.
Tree: How is it an advantage?
Dog: We being with just 5 senses don’t know to cry over the lost leg, though it may be due to pain. We don’t feel low on ourselves and get dejected. But if a human loses his leg, they repent a lot over it than to think what can be done with the other leg. I don’t use any stick to help me walk. But they use and they themselves show they are crippled. Even you, you don’t cry if one of your branches is cut. Though you may cry it might not be visible. At the same time, you don’t take revenge by folding your branches and refuse to give shade to those men.
Tree: Absolutely… now am proud of myself for benefiting my environment. You don’t take revenge on me for dropping my twig on you. You don’t hurt me in any way. We live for our own, without affecting each other’s lives. Hey… wait…!! #@ how are we able to think this way?? Have we gained our sixth sense too??
Dog: Hey buddy... don worry, the writer makes us speak for a change.

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Sai said...

Nice ending! And nice way to convey a point.. :)

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