Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Natural Healer

That was a breezy evening, which gave me an insight about life. I was at lone, walking along the shores of a not so crowded beach. It was a day of misfortune and a period of hardships. I was fretting and fuming to let out my discontent to a close heart, but was left alone. Though almost all beaches of Chennai have been polluted, this one was pretty tolerable. I was not in a smiley mode to play with the sand and waves; I sat over a sand dune staring at the waves. It was like a new friend of mine trying to bring back my happiness.
It was a splendid dusk, covering the environment with a sheet of ripe orange. The scorching sun has now become soothing, and the coastline was ready to lend its shoulders for me. I saw the sun bidding goodbye for the day after its tiring long hours of work, kids playing around with their friends after their school, a few with their parents, a few couples enjoying each others company on the chilled coastline.
As any other loner, I started to stare at the mighty waves. It was building up at the mid of the sea, gaining momentum as a rolling stone to hit the shore. Even rolling stones would increase its volume, these waves dissolved at half their way. We look at the waves; think (scientifically) they are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. But these creations of God, will teach us many more than our visible teachers, they act as an ideal instance to motivate us. They don’t stop as they are not able to reach the shore with a few attempts. They get back, imbibe the strength and nutrition from its parent, the sea and get back with a fighting spirit to reach its target. Similarly, as it darkens, this soothing angel will appear to be a monster, getting away from the visibility, merging with the darkness around, flashing as white foam when she hits against the shore.
I saw a crab along the waves being brought to the shore, who knows where it dwells, being dislocated by an external force. It walks fast against the waves and buries itself into the sand to escape the next wave. It moves along the waves to and fro yet does not give up on its work. Similarly, we will never know where the crab will dig out and clutch our finger. These are only a few visible lessons available for us to recharge ourselves keeping the mundane worries at bay. In the beginning I was not ready to trust this violent angel as my friend, but she got in touch with me within a short while and she gave me a cheerful company to get over my gloom. Wanna enjoy these beautiful moments?!, step on to her, when you fell left out, depressed or confused. She is sure to heal your wound and return the merriment to face life with a new zing.


Venkatesh said...

Wow, this is the best! I loved EVERYTHING about it!


Balaji Iyer said...

Varshini, this is nice. I can relate to it. Good going.

niranchana said...

hey all ur entries.....every new entry s getting more n more interesting!! Wonderful! Keep going:)

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