Saturday, December 12, 2009

The abode of PATIENCE:

We have seen millions of people speaking about women empowerment. This is not one among them; it is the way how a woman handles people, emotions, complexity around her and balances life.
The conventional thought about Indian women is that they are downtrodden in comparison with the so called developed countries. But all the women have come across similar problems in life. They have also confronted innumerable suffering which can be quoted under male chauvinism. This orientation has overturned in many foreign countries, but has its malodorousness is still showing its impact on this society. Most of the customs followed these days mimic the ancient practices which do not apply to the current situation. Though male child is wanted by all, female is the one being most pampered and it is for the love and affection she spreads all around this world. God must have mused in depth before he created a woman.
In our country, the old customs and practices have been considered as the backbone of or culture, which is to be agreed entirely. But as the poet Mahakavi Bharathi sowed his rebellious thoughts into the women at that early stage, we have attained so much of freedom from tortures in the name of customs. As Shakespeare said, “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players” I think women play different roles that poses various challenges through their life. Being a kid, matures as a teenager to face the world, marrying a stranger and building a good relation with him and his family, she must have screeched for an injection but she prepares herself to bear 56 dels of pain more than a normal man can bear to deliver a child. Getting her favorites by jus a wink to her dad, now becomes a Himalayan task. Hesitation to ask her better half, a trouble that her new relations should not misapprehend her words and actions. She must have enjoyed the luxury to that of a princess, the next stage of her life will expect her to be the real form of patience and fortitude. Should eat the left over without wasting them, take care of the house mates before taking care of herself, should eat only after serving food to everyone, should sacrifice her freedom individuality, her dreams for the sake of her family and her kids. Why do people expect all these from her? She is capable of balancing her dreams and goals on one hand with family on the other side. All that she needs is the love and affection from her family.
But though getting away from parents might bring pain for the time, it l help her to overcome a bigger separation at a later stage. Facing new challenges will absolutely make women the strongest, but first the setting out will be difficult. Every girl has to come across these stages to manage anything that disturbs her off springs. Anyways still there are many things that can be changed, mainly with the support of the generation to the upcoming next. Keep going women. You will make the world go around with your love and patience.

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