Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!

Sixty four years of freedom

Mighty she stands as a nation
Though we trouble you as a prick
You bear us all with your love

You were trapped by invaders
Exploiting from the roots,
Were looted of your tenure, still
Were silent forbearing the pain.

We are building you to perfection
Balancing culture with technology
You will stand as a test of time
To care for your progeny.

Though far remote from you
Your name brings on a smile
Makes us walk head held high,
Wanting to be back in your arms.

Long live the Nation! Proud to be an INDIAN!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

“I am here for you “

We run for our lives, to make a living, to make a better living, to make more money, we are ready to leave our homeland for better prospects. It seems exciting at the beginning to survive until we encounter with a block or a little downfall.
In our busy lives, we sometimes forget the importance of relationships. Both husband and wife are working in most of the homes, as the needs have grown and toil day and night to make the ends meet. We take people for granted, hurt their feelings and don’t care for it until we are in need of their favor. When we are down with fever and unable to move even a muscle, a soul will be waiting beside you to touch your forehead and check the temperature. When you might feel it would be great if somebody cares for us, their eyes will reply you- “I am here for you”. This is what we ultimately need in a relation, their mere presence will give us strength and energy to shove away the blanket and take on our life.

Whatever life gives me
I will make it better for you,
I will make it easier for you
In times of distress and sickness
In times of success and happiness
I will always be here when,
you turn around in search of me.

P.S: A dedication to my loving Husband.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mood swings?? It might be an idle mind!!

Are you getting angry over petty stuffs? Feel like taking on an argument for it? Are you hyperventilating? Digging your past memories to support your standpoint? RED Alert!!!
Do not continue to argue. Move out of the situation, drink water to cool you down, take a deep breath. Give it a break. Sit down and think what made you to argue over an insignificant situation.
There might be a lot of reasons,
  • health related
  • stressful life
but if it is not either of these, it might be an idle mind. This is what they call “An idle mind, is a devil's workshop”. Is it an end of a holiday? You might not want to get into the groove of routine. Make a pledge to work on something, to change your mood. There might be stuffs to be cleaned in the house, or a long pending hobby to be done with, or a call to a friend that has been postponed over the blame of routine. Involve these activities and when you are done, your mind will tell you why you reacted in that way.
Hope this works as a part of anger-management.
Be Happy!! Cheers!!

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