Friday, August 5, 2011

“I am here for you “

We run for our lives, to make a living, to make a better living, to make more money, we are ready to leave our homeland for better prospects. It seems exciting at the beginning to survive until we encounter with a block or a little downfall.
In our busy lives, we sometimes forget the importance of relationships. Both husband and wife are working in most of the homes, as the needs have grown and toil day and night to make the ends meet. We take people for granted, hurt their feelings and don’t care for it until we are in need of their favor. When we are down with fever and unable to move even a muscle, a soul will be waiting beside you to touch your forehead and check the temperature. When you might feel it would be great if somebody cares for us, their eyes will reply you- “I am here for you”. This is what we ultimately need in a relation, their mere presence will give us strength and energy to shove away the blanket and take on our life.

Whatever life gives me
I will make it better for you,
I will make it easier for you
In times of distress and sickness
In times of success and happiness
I will always be here when,
you turn around in search of me.

P.S: A dedication to my loving Husband.


Madhu said...

Very cute one de..Just loved it :)

Varshu said...
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Varshu said...

Thank u madhu :)

sowmya said...

how sweet very nice thought :)

Saru Singhal said...

This is romantic and divine at the same time. Tell your husband he is very lucky to have you...Beautiful...

Varshu said...

@Sowmya : Thank you:
@Saru Singhal: Thank you. I am lucky to have him :)

subtlescribbler said...

aww..this was so very cute :)
just now i was reading about the declining successful marriage rates in d world but i guess true love can win all!
God bless u both!


Dipa Rani G. said...

cute posting

Varshu said...

@subtlescribbler: Thanks a lot :)
@Dipa Rani : Thank you :)

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