Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mood swings?? It might be an idle mind!!

Are you getting angry over petty stuffs? Feel like taking on an argument for it? Are you hyperventilating? Digging your past memories to support your standpoint? RED Alert!!!
Do not continue to argue. Move out of the situation, drink water to cool you down, take a deep breath. Give it a break. Sit down and think what made you to argue over an insignificant situation.
There might be a lot of reasons,
  • health related
  • stressful life
but if it is not either of these, it might be an idle mind. This is what they call “An idle mind, is a devil's workshop”. Is it an end of a holiday? You might not want to get into the groove of routine. Make a pledge to work on something, to change your mood. There might be stuffs to be cleaned in the house, or a long pending hobby to be done with, or a call to a friend that has been postponed over the blame of routine. Involve these activities and when you are done, your mind will tell you why you reacted in that way.
Hope this works as a part of anger-management.
Be Happy!! Cheers!!


Madhu said...

Varshu, I just loved this. Anger management is really needed for every one today. People tends to have mood swings so easily..Good one..Very useful..!!

Varshu said...

Thanks dear :)

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