Thursday, December 17, 2009

The selfless nature

Nature is the mother of all, a creation of the almighty or a pseudo form of the one above all. This universe is believed to be so many billion years old. Since its birth it has been designed to befit and benefit the creatures around it. The continents were one a solid mass of land and the tectonic movements have delivered it a unique shape for each one. It was not wild on the creator for bringing up these catastrophes, nor grateful for making her much beautiful. It has been giving light, rain, shade, food, shelter since the immemorial.

In the mid of March, as u walk along any shady pedestrian, you will be able to breathe the onset of spring with the streets blanketed with the red and yellow flowers of gulmohar, trumpet, jasmine. Tress blushing with their tender and fresh green leaves to welcome and inject the happiness into your thoughts. The nature blesses each of us with these showers which will bring a thoughtful smile at the edge of our lips, with a feeling of WOW!! in us. We have been gifted with such an everlasting gift to enjoy. Are we contented with it?

No… we relish it, keep digging all its worth, take undue advantage of its generosity and render nothing in return. We are being ungrateful to our mother. Everything has a limit, similarly her patience too. He has started demanding her returns in the name of lives. We have heard of many land slides, volcanic eruption from a dead one, undue weather changes. You might question, how can a mother become so cruel to her children? It is not the loss of her patience; it is the loss of her resistance towards the hazardous effects we have made by our living. She was protecting this earth with her cozy blanket all these years to protect us from harmful rays, but if that has been holed by us, how can she protect us? Is this the way to repay? She is not a nerd or a scientist to remake the blanket but she has been very much creative in making this beautiful paradise.  She does not expect us to be smart enough to repay her; she wants us to have the basic knowledge to save our souls. Though we are here being those brilliant scientists all we could do is to impair her.

Though the energy saving ideas, go green policies have not hit their hundred marks, it has received a huge response from the present generation and has proved to be an eye-opener for the next generation. Avoidance of plastic should be made a practice at schools. Children should be taught to live without plastics in the day-to-day life. That electronic appliance which won’t harm the ozone layer only has to manufactured and marketed. Government should fund for the industries to work without emitting CFC’s. This will be a good aid to support and promote ozone harmless industries. The next huge cry is being heard for the loss of conventional energy which also is a reason for harming ozone. Let us first take up the first step of saving energy in which ever form may be; not only today for the urge, but practice it everyday.


swap said...

good one again. A right post at the right time. the blog would definitely change one's outlook on nature. The way you have depicted that is teh best of all. Keep posting:)

Sai said...

NIce!! And looks like your coming to the right place where ppl have these as one of their priorities :)So, looks like you have another job at your disposal!!

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