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Election affairs are getting hotter and hotter everyday. The leaders are busy quetching about their opposition parties. The parties waiting to conquer the nation’s wealth for their own and creating negative situations for their welfare are the common ones here, pulling down each others legs in order to win the favourism from the people.  This time, Indian election has gained international significance, as countries like china, US are eager to know the state of affairs today. One of the main reasons for this significance is the inter-national issues which will find their way from the forthcoming government.

A note worthy of those is the Lankan issue which has been burning through 26 years. When did this civil war begin???

It was in 1983, this civil war started fuming out for the creation of independent state. Who are they? Why are they fighting for an independent state? Even before the British’s rule, few tamilians migrated to Sri Lanka for employment. They were employed in rubber plantations. After the independence (1948) from the English, the government makes Sinhala as the language of the state and the tamilians felt marginalized. They demanded for a state in north and east of the island. The LTTE initially carried out campaign against the state attacking policemen and Tamil politicians who attempted a dialogue with the government.  Though peace talks between LTTE and government began, it soon failed. India’s involvement began just to project itself as regional power and also due to the worries about the India’s own Tamils. India became more actively involved in 1980, dropping food parcels while Lankan government was on the verge of defeating the LTTE in support to the rebels. Soon peace talks were held between the Indian-Sri Lankan government and many concessions were made including the official status for Tamil language. Though many groups like TULF, Tamil United Liberation Front accepted, LTTE refused to accept it. Later India’s indulgence in the civil war met severe opposition. So India withdrew from Lankan issue. According to me, this Indian involvement is to project our power and we have no rights to enter into other country’s internal affairs. If we poke into this issue, what about the Indians staying in Singapore, Malaysia and other neighboring countries? But the peace talks mediated by Indian government to deliver a peaceful life for tamilians in srilanka is worth an applaud. Organizations like LTTE, TULF started as an organization to fight for equality of Indians there, but LTTE’s urge to gain equality turned out to a negative motive of conquering the sate for them. They gathered children of the civilians to make up their army. This led to a bad impression about the srilankan Tamils. In reality, the civilians demanded peaceful state as per the negotiations of srilankan government, but LTTE project themselves as a representative of Tamils. Even now when the government has cornered them within 2kms, they use the civilians to protect themselves. That is why the civilians come to India as refugees for a peace filled life. The common people who are not involved have the sufferers all these 26 years.

At this juncture promising for a compromise by LTTE is just like finding a loop hole. Enough of blood shed, hue and cry, young generation being sent to fight in warfare at the age of playing with toys, innocents being caught between the government and the rebels losing their lives, peace for no fault of theirs.

At present, the attack of army at this final stage has led to escape of 77,000 Tamil civilians from the areas held by Tamil tigers. As per the words of Lankan army men, “We are not targeting the civilians. The rebels are causing civilian causalities”-this show that the civilians are used as the Tamil tiger rebel’s protective shield. The peace talks and envoys sent by other countries were disregarded by rebels, violating the negotiations a thousand times.

We can make up rallies, human chain, etc., as a mark of protest against the civilian killing in srilanka. But even today the peace can be brought back in that land by only two possibilities. First is the surrender of the rebels or second, execution of the rebels by army. The Lankan government should take necessary actions to stop the killing of civilians, in the name of attacking the rebels. They must be given equal rights on par with the citizens of srilanka. 


swap said...

very nicely dealt varshu. happy to see that few corrections have been made:)
Positives of this blog:
1)u have take the current hot topic.
2)U have given and clearly mentioned ur point of view
3)The solutions to stop the issue is neatly put forth

to be corrected:
1) inclusion of pictures to be more organized

varshu said...

done dear :)

Sai said...

nice sensitive pictures!!! oooww!!!

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