Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mixed Fruit Halwa:

Serves 4
1 Mango(medium size)
1 Banana(medium size)
1 Apple(medium size)
4 tsp Ghee
3 tsps Milk
6 tsps of sugar
½ tsps cardamom powder
Food colour (optional)

- Wash the fruits and grind them coarsely in the mixer.
- Micro high it in a vessel for 2 minutes with intermediate stirring.
- In another vessel boil milk and sugar for 4 minutes with intermediate stirring.
- Add the fruit pulp with the sugar mixture and micro it for 6 minutes with intermediate stirring. Add colour if needed.
- Add ghee to it and micro for 3 minutes with intermediate stirring.
- Fry Kaju and badam in ½ tsp ghee in a separate vessel for 1 minute.
- Garnish it on the halwa and serve.

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Madhura said...

Wow..Looking very delicious de. Tempting to taste :) How come you can replace a Microwave Oven to gas de? I don have a Microwave Owen..!!

Stumblednews said...

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Varshu said...

jus do wat i have said in gas as ur mom wud do halwa.. it ll take time in gas...

Vikram Karve said...

Nicely written simple recipe.
I am going to try it in my microwave oven tonight.

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