Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Endhiran- The Humanoid Super Star

Director: S. Shankar
Written by: S. Shankar, Sujatha, Balakumaran
Music: A.R.Rehman
Rajini Kanth - Dr. Vaseegaran
Aishwarya Rai Bacchan – Sana
Danny Denzongpa – Prof. Bohra

Overall Rating

Review: The award winning scientist Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajini Kanth)  is on his mission in developing a Human-Android robot. The only movie which lacks astounding entry of the superstar!! Showing him as a geek (who forgets himself when comes to his innovation) would have disappointed his fervent fans. Another noteworthy avatar of the super star is the absence of his style and punch dialogues. He soon transforms into his latest style of Dr. Vasi to meet his girlfriend Sana (Aishwarya). The robot moves with the public and Vasi studies its reaction to the surroundings.
The robot is fondly called as Chitti, becomes Sana’s favorite toy and her companion to pass in her exam. The Stunt in the train leaves the viewers in awe and it is too fast to comprehend. It moves with Vasi’s lady love in helping and entertaining people at the home.

The villain, Prof Bohra gets jealous on is student Vasi’s successful completion. He being the top executives of AIRD rejects the robot, stamping it as just a machine and ignorant of right and wrong. Then Vasi trains the robot by teaching him all the emotions and relationship complexities.
Rajini’s has been and still is a super star as his movies will reach and satisfy every individual viewer, no matter the age. The robot performs a hard to succeed delivery where the middle aged women would have felt the situation. Vasi’s lady love Sana thanks and Kisses Chitti in excitement for his achievement and this infuses love into a machine.

Chitti does everything to satisfy his new love , even to the extent of finding a mosquito which bit her and making it to apologize. Chitti performs an excellent duet with Sana and reaches to kiss her. Chitti fails in his test to impress the army generals by singing poems on his love. Vasi destroys him in frustration and throws him away.

Prof. Bohra takes advantage of this crack in their relationship and revives Chitti to life with an additional destructive ability. Chitti creates many more of himself and gets on to the mission to marry Sana. He kills the villian and turns into one, destroying and looting very supermarket to fill his palace.

Police blames Vasi for the destruction and fetches his help. The final forty five minutes of amazing graphics and camera leaves us jaw dropping. The Music is fantastic from the Maestero again and stands on its own apart from its support to the movie. Choreography speaks for itself synching with the lyrics. Super Star looks amazing and has danced well, still holds the nation together with his enigma. His acting is amazing in the second half as the destructive robot. Aishwarya looks stunning as always and no wonder even the robot fell in love.

The Director’s visualization has paralleled with the blockbusters of Hollywood like that of matrix, Godzilla, Anaconda. This is a daring step with a huge investment of 160 crores makes it the highest budgeted movie in Asia.
It cannot be called the perfect movie; every movie has its own flaws. And the is a giant step form the Tamil film industry with a great effort from the team and a must watch for Rajini’s fans all over the world.


umapoems said...

Super Star Rocks..good the little cat on the top
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Mohan said...

hmm... everyone is praising Robot. you too award 4/5? Well, i think it is time to go and watch the movie.

Varshu said...

Yes Mohan. Don miss it !! Do give ur feedback after watching.. :)

Priya Balan said...

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