Monday, May 16, 2011

Strawberry Shake !!

This is my first experiment with milkshakes. It has been a long wait for strawberry to quench my taste buds. Though it is one among the best in aroma and flavor, it might not impress a new-come by its taste. But after a few bites I fell for its taste too. It is rich in water content and has considerable amount of Potassium. Here is the best way to have strawberry, in the form of milkshake.

Strawberry - 1 cup
Chilled Milk - 1 1/2 glasses
Sugar - 4 tsp
Vanilla extract - 1tsp

- Wash the strawberries and add them to mixer along with milk, sugar and the extract.
- Blend them till smooth and serve.


raji said...

Hi tried once,but I saw some little curdling in it .I had not added vanilla esscense.Do u have any idea if sour strawberries would cause curdling?

Varshu said...

Hi raji,
I am not sure if sour strawberries would cause curdling... I would suggest to try it with frozen strawberries raji.

raji said...

ok sure ..or may be this time will try with sweet ones only .Thanks.

Varshu said...

You are welcome Raji :)
Take care.

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