Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting Facts - Chilli Powder

According to me, chilli was just a spice to add taste to our cuisine. Or I have heard from our elders that too much of it will make us aggressive by behavior. But I came across a health magazine which had some interesting health facts about chilli powder. Here are those;

Lose weight faster with chilli powder:
                           This seasoning has compounds that will actually help to boost your metabolism. Add a sprinkle of these hot stuff to lose weight.!!

An ingredient for pedicure:
                         Relaxing with addition of chilli powder for pedicure can help you relaxe and revive from your ache. The “Capsaicin” in chilli increases blood flow to your feet and help to soothe and warm them.
Try this as your version for the spa's foot scrub,
1 tsp Honey
1/8 tsp Chilli powder
2 tsp Epsom salt
1 table spoon of unscented Jojoba oil
Make the above to a creamy paste. Apply and rub for 1 minute, wrap in warm wet towels, leave until cool and then wash. Don't try this if you have a sensitive skin, which might cause burning rather than tingling sensation.

For tummy troubles:
                        Inclusion of chilli powder would help reduce the incidence of tummy troubles like indigestion and acid reflux. But over dosage might lead to ulcer.

Pest-proof in your Garden:
                       Sprinkle chilli powder around your pot or edge of your garden to repel insects and animals. The hot flavor will keep the insects and animals away.

Hope you found this post interesting!!!

See you next time :)


sharanya said...

completely unknown facts.
Good job Varshu!!!

Varshu said...

Thank u Sharanya :)

Madhu said...

woww.. so nice facts de. Loved it. How it helps in losing weight de?? Thats not very clear to me.. As of now, that particular fact helps me a lot as u know :)

Varshu said...

It actually helps us to burn calories faster.We include it in our diet right, so it is not new to us. But the fact is new !!

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