Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Thee Wed !!!

There comes the royal newly wed from the Westminster Abby, waving at the ardent crowd. The most awaited wedding of the royal family has broken all the previous traditions of the royal family.

The bride who has earned the love of the people is not from a royal background. This change of tradition has gained this marriage an unforgettable place in the history of mankind. The fashion designers from all over the world waiting to get a glimpse of the bridal. The crowd went crazy on taking their first look of the beautiful bride's attire. Adorned by lace and beautiful custom made wedding dress, Kate wore the Tiara (crown) of Queen London, looked exactly like a doll and the couple could just be fixed on their wedding cake as a topper!! She made her own statement in her dress and that reflected her with a beautiful veil accessorized with the tiara . She proved to be a potential queen by keeping poise at all the stressful situation of the wedding and stepped out t wave at the citizens with love and not authoritatively.

The Price and his wife walked through the aisle after delivering their vows; the Dutch of Cambridge holding the hands of his mistress blushing on one cheeks and beaming with pride on the other; the duchess greeting the members of royal lineage as she joined her way with the royal descendant and shimmering with a sense of fulfillment. She truly enjoyed the love from the citizens and her showed the excitement when she entered the balcony for their first appearance as a couple.

This is a real-time fairy tale wedding which has been witnessed by the world and let the viewers' happiness bless them with an amazing life ahead to live happily ever after!! 


raji said...

Hi Varsha "queen of London"really deserved to be the queen even though not form a royal family ,owing to her utmost beauty and quality of nature.nice write up

Varshu said...

Hi raji, thank u :)

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