Thursday, August 5, 2010

Truly Adorable and Hilarous.

This is the tagline of the latest animated movie “DESPICABLE ME”. It has got the third biggest opening among the animated movies of 2010 earning $164 million domestically.

It starts Steve Carell as Gru with his army of “Minions”, a capsule shaped humanoid, competing for the super villain. The struggle begins when he tries to get loan from the Bank of Evil to steal the moon. But the loan is denied, saying it can be granted only with the essential shrink ray. Meanwhile Vector, the son of the bank president brags about his victory of stealing the Pyramid.

Gru steals the shrink ray from East Asia and which is stolen again from him by Vector. He adopts three girls from an orphanage who sells cookies to Vector to get back the shrink ray. Gru’s assistant Dr. Nefario invents a cookie robot which can help Gru find the shrink ray while the girls try to sell the original cookies. Gru abducts the shrink ray from vector with the help of minions. They take him to an amusement park and is forced to ride the roller coaster. Here is where he bonds with the girls and there goes the story. The situation where he has to choose between his girls or his Super villain fame, he opts to be the sweet and caring father and also a caring leader for the minions.

The animation work is excellent that we can never see them as toon; the voices have matched perfectly with various expressions delivered at the right moment. The minions are the cute little ones, which have created their own niche with their hilarious activities. This is truly a family entertainer to forget all your worries and laugh with the minions.

Here is the minions’ territory, go play with them :)

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