Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tips for the Bride-to-be:

Marriage is the first most expectant occasion in women’s life. The period before marriage and after engagement is the most enthralling one. Burning the midnight oil would be different this time, because it’s not for the sake of exams rather for the “special” person. “Sangeedha swarangal….” (Tamil song depicting lovers over the phone all through the night) attuned with the long hours phone call, loud-mouthed ones turning into the secretive ones, shy giggles being the sole conversations, knowing each other by silly questionnaires. The happiness infused by the special person sticks a smile on her face 24*7. So it is our duty to make the smile glow up on the D day.

-Keep working on your muscles by stretching it to improve flexibility, and to be fit. Regular workouts improve blood circulation to keep you fresh.
-Anxiety can lead to pimples; apply sandal powder on the pimples before to go to sleep.
-Shopping never ends till the final day; it is essential to protect from the sun. Avoid getting out between 11.00 am and 3.00pm when the sun is at its hottest. Apply sunscreen when you go out.
-Apply cream of the milk along with a few tea spoons of lemon juice on the exposed areas like face, neck, arms. This will help to remove the tan.
-Avoid soaps and go for natural ones like Kadala mavu (gram flour) for the body and Payatha mavu (green gram flour) for you face while taking bath.
-Do pedicure for yourself every night by soaking your feet in warm water mixed with crystal salt for ten minutes, scrub it with a scrapper, dry it and apply moisturizing lotion. Use moisturizer for your body every day.
-Apply hot oil on the hair roots and give a massage before taking bath, may be by your mom, sister or yourself.
- To have a cooling effect mix curd with Vendhayam (fenugreek seeds) soaked water and apply it before washing hair for about half an hour. (people who are prone to catch cold, people with sinusitis- don’t try this)
- Drink lots of water (about 4-5 lts a day) and increase your intake of fruits.

Keep working on these tips for about two months before marriage and the results will be evident on the special day. Those entire brides-to-be stay cheerful and beautiful than ever on the very special day.

P.S: This is my dedication to my sweet sister who is getting married on Aug. 20th. Wish you a long happy married life dear, I miss you.


Ramya said...

he he varshu...May be i can use this tips...In

nandu said...

its very nice da...

Sindhu Sankar said...

Hey Varshu!
A very special gift for Ninja, indeed!
Good for me too! Thanks a ton Sweetie ;)

varshu said...

@ ramy.. yup.. u can...
@nandu & sindhu:
Thanks to-be-brides :)
best wishes :)

niranchana said...

Hey Varshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)))))))) That was tooo tooo sweeeeeeet of youu :))))))))))) Thanks a ton baby!!! :)))) Love you my dear!! miss u so much:(((((

2months follow pana mudila nalum micham irukara 8 days follow pana try panren de ;p

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