Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 ways to Amplify Happiness:

Happiness is in us. We have been created with all emotions impregnated in our nerves and tissues.
“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions
-Dalai Lama”
Life is a bumpy forest ride for each one of us, confronting the hidden enemies, overcoming the tough trail to reach the sanctuary to feel the peace and protection. Test of time might kick us into a dark burrow. Climbing up to reach the surface is for what we have been vested with power. Happiness is not lost when we are confronting a difficulty. It is when; we are going to experience it in multiplied quantity on overcoming the situation. Just as we train our muscles we can train our brain to be happy. Here are few tips to maximize happiness

5. Go with the flow:
This is the concept of being wholly involved in an activity. Let it be anything which takes you through its stride like a tiring match of tennis, or gardening. Engage in something that correlates to your personal strength and gives room to improve upon it.

4. Appreciate little things:

While you are on your way back home, take time to enjoy the beautiful sunset rather than listening to a radio along with the horns.
Make others feel better by saying “Thank You” for the little help they offer.
Jot down things you are grateful to relax.

3. Stay Positive:
You can’t just wait to be happy. Look out how to be happy and find ways to improve your life. And when it takes longer for the bend on the road or the silver lining, you need to look harder for it and keep trying. Persistence and positivity will shower happiness.

2. Connect with your localities:
Happiness in old age is related to the bond shared with friends and relatives. We always need someone to cling on, pat us when we are down. So build a community. Happiness can also be reaped by helping others. It is the joy of giving.

1. Get fit:
A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Exercise is said to reduce the stress hormone and will increase happiness. A regular workout of at least half an hour a day will improve positive feelings.


S.R.Ayyangar said...

By Keeping aside egos and expectations, one can really feel happy.

varshu said...

Ya Sir,...
You are right.. Missed to include that...
Thank you..

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