Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is it me or you?

Sometimes I wait for love,
But you never turned back.

Sometimes I give you love,
But you dint speak my language.

Sometimes I tried to be myself,
But you felt I was not right.

Sometimes I wait for you to approve,
But you just accept it.

Sometimes you have taken away what I deserved,
But you never cared for its significance.

Who is it?
Is it me or you?

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KP said...

That is an interesting question in the end.. good read!

Varshu said...

Thank you KP :)

--- Bagya --- said...

Lovely poem! :)

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Varshu said...

@Bagya : Thank you for the love :)

Kiran @ said...

Lovely and emotional poem. BTW, Happy Diwali :)

Varshu said...

Thank you Kiran. Wish you the same :)

bemoneyaware said...

Beautiful poem and my answer to the question posed is that it is both of you for tali do haatoin se hi bajti hai(you need two hands to clap)

Varshu said...

@bemoneyaware: Thank you for an interesting answer :)

Madhu said...

Hey this is quite different thoughts de. Lovely one :)

Varshu said...

@Madhu: Thank you :) :) :)

Rajendra raikwar said...

Very nice

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