Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Change is here...

There have been times when you are popping up like a jack in the box on the arrival of your birthday. Going around telling people about your special day, showing off the new dress, talking about the gifts from parents, sharing chocolates. Those are the ages of ignorance with exuberance. Then you come across a few years where you feel weird before the celebration, a doubt of whether to boast about your birthday or to go unnoticed. This continues for a few years. Then you realize why do you get birthdays, why should we celebrate it. When you conceive this idea, it is the result of the effects of aging, but does it really means that we are aging or realizing about aging. Some people feel this even when they are in their twenty's and some don't feel even at fifty's. The notion has no effect on us but what we can do if we feel this at early age? Just wake up and be a kid again :)


Saru Singhal said...

I agree with you...I will try it may be some worries are taken away...Why care when we are here for some more years:)


Varshu said...

You are right Saru :) Cheers!!

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