Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rise all, Phoenix:

Thank you Blog Adda for featuring my blog in "Spicy Saturday Picks".

Seismic jolt shakes us all,
By raising the elixir as a wall;
Invading the precious life
And flooding the shelters of all.

World lending its hand
To lift the fallen from holocaust;
Providing them basics,
To revive their life in debris.

Social networks throw light
To find the loved ones in plight,
From the voracious Monster,
That swept away the hopes of future.

Resurrecting from the past,
Radiations posing newer risks
To the clinging lives' grief,
Impeding their recovery.

Nature turns its back
Freezing the homeless;
Joining hands with radiation beast,
To satiate their crave for life.

This is not your destiny
Your potent is no match;
You shall rise as a phoenix,
And shine as "The Land of Rising Sun" .


Madhura said...

Loved it de..Really feeling too bad for japan..Let us pray that all those bad situation goes off and should come back to normalcy :(

Varshu said...

Definitely Madhu. Our prayers will bring them back to normalcy.

Arpana said...

let's hope for better rehabilitation.

lakshmi rajan said...

Lets hope the country recovers faster and there is no further disasters.

Varshu said...

@Aparna & Lakshmi rajan: Hope they recover soon.

Anuradha said...

Beautiful poem :)

Varshu said...

@Anuradha: Thank you for dropping by :)

dakaltiz said...

Nice one Varshini....

"...And shine as "The Land of Rising Sun"

They Will!


Varshu said...

@Dina- Thank you for dropping by and also for comments :)

Rohini said...

This is really well written.Loved the last two lines..

Varshu said...

@Rohini: Thank you!! :)

VijiNagaraj said...

love it varshu!!

Varshu said...

Thank u so much akka :)

Sindhu Sankar said...

Awesome Varshu! Your words speak for everything we all shall ever have for Japan at a time like this!

Varshu said...

@Sindhu: Thank you for the valuable support dear :)

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