Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Brothers were Great!!

The cry of happiness ringing in the air around, crowd going crazy as each wicket falls down,India makes it to the World Cup Finals 2011. India has always been a pack of cards and you never know when the joker shows up. The semi-final made its mark in the history experiencing political pressure as we met our brothers at Mohali stadium. Right from the Prime ministers wishing the players good luck, India choosing to bat first, add its own spice and salt to begin the churn in my stomach. India has been one of the best in batting order, and proved to be good chasers. But this match proved India's wit and strength in fielding and bowling. The fielding by our team today was extra-ordinary, being watchful of every single ball.

Of course luck was also on our side giving the master blaster three lives, yet he was not able to make his century a record of the day. Eyes eagerly expecting his support at the crucial situation today too;but it was not Yuvi's day. Ashish Nehra proved to be a worthy pick of today; people were mad at him after the match against South Africa, thrashing him through face book status and comments. Every player had their own part to contribute for the victory. This was the best display of or fielding and bowling skills!!

It was great to see the Prime Ministers sitting beside each other and enjoying the mach as a game. Misbah-ul-Haq was the one holding the last chance of Pakistan's victory. He was the final tough target for India to declare its victory. He was one man against 11 players, made the wise decision of not running between wickets and extended the game with all his strength. Shahid Afridi was an excellent support for his team and a real sportsman. At last Pakistan couldn’t rewrite the history of winning over us in World Cup.

Go India Go!! Indiaaa...... India!!!

Sri Lanka is as strong as our team and they are going to give us the real fight and the real World Cup Finals!!
Saturday should be one of our lucky day to bring home the Cup!!

Awaiting on you Saturday!!


raji said...

yes varshu every where the cricket madness.even my post was related to this:)waiting for the world cup for India:))

S.R.Ayyangar said...

In the end Pakistan PM neither reacted nor congratulated our PM on victory! so much for the sportsmanship.

Spicy Sweet said...

Want India to win the world cup. And yes, Srilanka is a strong team.
It will be just that day's game which will decide the fate of World cup.
Let me just hope that we give our best to bring back the cup!

Varshu said...

@Raji: Me too Raji.. can't wait till saturday :)

@S.R.Ayyangar: Oh!! Thanks for info sir. Thats really not the way. Hope we join hands with them soon.

@Spicy sweet: Its true :) Hope its our day :)

Arpana said...

The air was full of frenzy hope best for final!

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