Friday, July 16, 2010

New Currency Symbol

Yipee… We have got our identity…
This is the day India has got its own monetary imprint. This has proved its major role and importance at the international market. The Indian government has given its approval for the currency symbol today, 15th July 2010.
The finance ministry has held contest nationwide for the currency symbol and the winning entry conceptualized by Mr. D. Udaya Kumar, a post graduate student of IIT has been approved. It has been said that it would take six months to be in use in India and would take two years for it to be recognized by other countries government. The symbol has the letter “Ra” from devangiri script which also looks like the roman letter “R” without the vertical stroke.
Till date, the rupee was in use by neighboring countries too like Pakistan, Maldives, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Indian currency was identified as INR. With this India is joining the exclusive group of countries with a unique symbol for its currency. India has been a lucrative market for the exporters worldwide with diversified products and services. As per the U.S Commercial Service, India is
- is one of only three countries that make its own supercomputers
- is the fourth largest economy in the world (measured in terms of purchasing power parity)
- is one of six countries that launch its own satellites
- 100 of the Fortune 500 have R & D facilities in India
- has the second largest group of software developers after the U.S.
- lists 6,600 companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange; only the NYSE has more
- is the world's largest producer of milk, and second largest producer of food, including fruits and vegetables
- sends more students to the U.S. colleges than any other country in the world.
- Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world's second largest after China.
India has gained a stable value, recovering from the financial crisis and its values 46.5 to dollar. Let’s hope this would give a remarkable lift for the Indian economy.


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