Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Man behind Me:

The love for our mother never goes dry even after so many expressions. Having written about the greatness of mom, exuding all my love for her, I still have enormous to say. But they say that girls are daddy’s pet. Yes I am and how can I not share the highness of my dad? When people used to question me if I was mummies or daddy’s pet, it would respond with a reflex that am a Daddy’s girl. Though the closeness with my mom evolved with the passage of time, dad was my first companion.

It is the basic physics of opposite attracts that makes the world go around. Every soon to be dad would expect to have a little girl baby and the soon to be mom, the vice versa. He dears to see her little angel smile, besides the most powerful watts bulb, her smile is the everlasting flash that lights up his life. He teaches her to walk, and when the tiny nimble fingers wrap his index finger, he is run-off with pride and confidence. The sense of wholeness fulfills his mind when he thinks of his life with the amazing magic show of the fairy.

He might be the only bread maker in the family. Even though he is ignorant of the kid’s stuffs, he takes an extra mile to know about it and find the best for his daughter. Father plays an essential part in the child’s social stability, problem solving skills, and those activities which involves the left brain. The right brain is much active in female and so it is the father who activates the left brain of his fairy. In fact as proved by a study, the way in which a fatherless girl views the opposite sex in the outside world, moving with them is tainted. He is the source of the girl’s confidence to face this elusive world.

A belief prevails that, women are emotional than men, but the fact is men are much more attached and passionate; while women are pragmatic towards life. They are not very expressive as females. A Father knows not to measure the love he showers for his kid. Even without the outright demand, her father grants every wish of hers with just a cute little wink from her and he will be the happiest when his kid beams with joy.
He would be offended on seeing his kid is hurt by a thorn or a bump and to evacuate it, he will pounce on his spouse for being careless. He might be miles away from his family for official reasons, but he will make it mandatory to visit them during weekends, no matter the distance is. He would celebrate and appreciate you like no other in the world, here I have an experience, and I was in secondary level at school, had won an intra-school shuttle badminton tournament. Though my dad was away for work, he brought a whole bundle of chocolates to treat me. He never has a boundary for his love. He would buy a huge chocolate cake on asking for a piece of cake as a snack. He would never count his penny to bring in the joy.

He having experienced diverse people all through his life, his age and experience adds strength to our living today. You go to him sighting some problem, he will enunciate the facts in black and white, which might be piercing, but following his words will certainly lead us to a better living. His experience is our backbone today.

There were days when we would go around on leisurely walks holding your hands with no fear or anxiety of life. I had a person who would go to any extent to save me or make my day. Have learnt a million things from you dad. I would be the little companion to ride around the peaceful city on a beautiful weekend evening. You were the one who encouraged me when I was down with the fear to face a challenge, the one who would carry me to the hospital when I was bed-ridden at the odd hours, the one who showed the stronger side in me to face life with confidence.

There might have been times; when he would have been wounded by our words or actions. But every one of us will realize his importance at a certain juncture of life. This is an opportunity for me, and I am really blessed to have got you in my life and proud of you Pa, you have made my life today and really sorry if I had hurt you or I had put you through misery. Love you DAD.

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