Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Search of the Dearest one.......

It was a beautiful day at home, enjoying the company of my parents, relatives nearby visiting our place along with stretched hour chats. It was bed time and each of us hit the bed at our convenient schedule. I was late that day too, because of late hour’s phone call from to be dear ones, browsing the net to pull in sleep in my eyes. My eyes started to shut down just as the monitor would flicker with the lack of sufficient power supply. I brushed my teeth and grasped my pillow tight to sleep. The minty flavor of the tooth-paste gave a pinch of freshness in me.

I started to stare at the ceiling above me, having lost myself in thoughts. I was halfway through my sleep and I woke up suddenly looking out for my mother who would usually sleep beside me. I hear a voice saying that she is not here. I am struck in a shock like that of a thunder which hits a tree to ashes. Was running all around our home looking out for her.

I wish I had wings as that of a unicorn so that I can reach various places in a jiffy. It was fear and anxiety filled in my eyes, fear of losing her, deep thoughts of her love and affection flash my mind as I run. Tears were ready to drip down my cheeks as I was unable to imbibe the news heard. Suddenly I am out of my sleep and I wake up looking for her beside me. Then I recognized the reality of time and I was miles and miles away from her with my husband beside me. It is not at our home with my parents, it is my new life. Though my mind woke up from the illusion, tears drenched my cheeks after this horrible dream on the early hours of the day. Am not superstitious one, but I do believe that dreams have a reflection of our minds and predict the future. No sooner did I wake up, I browsed the internet about the dream of death. To my sense of relief, it stated as a good sign in most cases. I could not come out of this dream for a long time. I wish this turns out to be a good one for you mom, blessing you with a long and healthy life. Mom, I might be thousands of miles away from you, but my mind always keeps thinking about you. I mean that I want to be near you, spend time with you and be your source of happiness. I Love you so much and I Miss you MOM.

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KARTHIK said...

hi... thanks a lot of reading through my blog and commenting.. :)

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