Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It has been quite a wait, then dawned a beautiful morning. I was excitingly heading towards the airport. I never stopped showing my excitement to my dear one who was driving and showing his excitement too. Parents are arriving from INDIA… WOW!! No sooner did I see them waiting with their luggage, my heart was bouncing with joy. I ran towards them and hugged them tightly; there peeped a tear of happiness and relief. A sigh of relief came up as I have got a full time company, a soul to care for me, help me in cooking, and kill time in a better way. And towards our way back home, they were explaining about their travel experiences. I was in turn recapping my experiences to them.

It was a beautiful summer, with the breakup of daytime silence. Our home was filled with care, love, affection even more as there were two more to contribute. We happily went around showing them the places around, having a beautiful and a peaceful walk. They enjoyed the sight of new country filled with a lush of green everywhere. Of course they dint feel the heat as it is comparatively low from the homeland. We enjoyed our weekends, visiting a few lakes around, showing them the Indian temple here. I enjoyed the whole day with them expelling loneliness out of my way which was better than pushing the loneliness out of the house by myself all through the day till the evening. Getting new tips in cooking, learning basic stuffs which I was unaware these days was an exciting learning experience which I had missed immediately after my marriage. Chitchatting the day with various topics that ran across our minds, and I was never idle and I liked it. It was indeed a beautiful summer.

But when are they coming here? Expecting them soon!! Expecting and waiting to experience all those I had quoted above which are only a few of all my wishes. We are waiting for you!! This is dedicated to both of our parents. We really miss you and our country..

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swap said...

That's amazing piece yet again! Feelings overflown!!

All praises!!!

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