Friday, May 14, 2010

The Saline Elixir.

 It was a gloomy day, began with a mild friction. Rome was not built in a day. Similarly is our character and perspective. Though we change our perspective, the previous behavior doesn’t seem to leave its roots. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop proves right many a times. Even though we try to stay with the present, we are reminded of our faults and unachieved destinations. Our friends will not want to hurt us, but pacifying the mind about an inexistent situation, pours the evil of pessimism and brings that alive. I hope every one of us would have experienced the same ripples of feeling low in our minds. What can be the remedy? Where can I find it?

A skimp of comparison at these situations will pour oil into the flame. Whom can we lean on? Our loved ones? Our soul mate? But if they are not beside you at that instant? Our heart will cry...” Oh why is there anybody with me? Will anybody be with me if I am upset? Or will I be in solitude?” It found shelter under the eyelids and besought the tears. It might be looked upon us as a faint-heart. But she is the one who lends us her shoulder to soak up our fear, low-esteem and pessimism. I (heart) never told her my pain, my pricking confusion, but I spoke with her through her (tears). She listened to me in silence. After a jiffy, i felt at ease, the clouds had cleared off its place. I realized what should be done to make the best out of the situation instead of grieving over the inexistence. This is when the mind which was in sleep under the shadow of clouds, took over the power.

The healing mother “Nature” gives the best booster dose. Even when she is silent, heals our pain and brings back the charm in us. What if we look at a rainbow extending her arms wide enough to embrace us with brightness filled in her? She unveils her beauty which gets us dumbstruck to such an extent that we forget the wound. Whenever you feel like crying do not stop, if not in public, do it at the restroom, shed her out and she is sure to bring in the ease.

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