Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kaju Almond Katli

I made this for my Hubby's Birthday. It came out well that people commented it tastes like the one from the sweet stall. Thanks to all.. Here is the recepie.


Equal amount of cashew and almond (here 1:1)
2 cups of sugar
2 cups of water
Sliced almond - to garnish

- Soak almond in water and peel the skin
- Grind them into fine powder (as it s wet, it will leave some pieces unground)
- grind the cashew finely (as dry)
- Mix these and roast them in medium fire till it gives out aroma and colour changes to light golden brown
- Romove it from the heat and keep it aside
- Boil water and add sugar to it for about 15 min setting haet as high (till slight kambi padham, it s one thread syrup)
- In another vessel, preferably the coated one, add the mixture and add the syrup while it s hot and stir it in medium fire.
- Continue stirring till it comes as whole (surrundu vara varaikkum)
- Put it on a greased plate and let it cool
- Once it is half way cool, u can make it into desired shape..
- Slice almonds and decorate it on each piece.

Do try this and post your experience. Thanks for reading :)


sneha said...

Mallika Badrinath was asking for this recipe!! I have told her to touch base with u. Publish more recipes de. I will pile it up and publish as a book:) wat say..

varshu said...

sure de.. ennale ne peria aala aana enakku thane perumai :)

Sudha said...

varshu,i am planning to try yr "K.A katli" tomorrow.

Wish me all the best,guruji.

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