Thursday, December 27, 2012

My ray of hope!!

You are here with us and now have become a part of our lives. It was difficult for us to understand our needs now we have figured it out. I am killing my time gazing at you, at your beautiful toes and tiny fingers.

There has never been a beautiful expression even by great artists than yours; the way your stretch, the way you yawn, the way you stare, the way you doze, the face when you burp.

I feel elated to converse with you through the oos and aas. I wish i could understand your thoughts and language better.

They say I make you feel secure by my presence, I think it is the other way round. When you nudge your head on the nook of my shoulders and sleep, you make me secure, confident, you make me whole.

It took quite sometime for you to smile at me, but it vanished all my pains and hardships. It was all worth to see the "toothless grin". I can do anything for you to see you smiling.

This is the way all the parents would have felt seeing their little one. Now it is my turn and am loving it.

1 comment:

Priya said...

OMG, u r so true dear... Am glad DAT even u r enjoying motherhood... Its great to b a mother... Superb blog da. Good...

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