Monday, November 19, 2012

My debt!

A dedication to my parents whom am always indebted to. Love you till I can fill this universe, which I am unable to express.

I had been a vigilant owl
Now I am a relaxed pup

I was taking good care of us
Now You are here for it

I have been impatient many times
You always understand me

I know I am not being right at times
But you know I am not so

You taught me to seek refugee in god
But I don have the need now

You sent me to hibernation as a bear
But it's time I rise swift as a sparrow

To help you not for all that you did
But at least a drop in your ocean of your love

I always feel I have not did justice
For all those you have done for me

May be I can reach half of it
In my next birth as your parent.

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